Life's a mess? Google Keep can help

Organization is one of my favorite things. But writing things down? Not so much. Granted, I have a habit of loving planners and using them, but it’s nice to have all the important things I need to remember with me at all times. I have evolved in that department, thanks, to one of my favorite apps, Google Keep. I came upon this app through one of my favorite YouTuber’s. Her name is Brittany Vasseur. Her YouTube channel is VasseurBeauty, she is the reason I use this app every day, and she demonstrated in a video how she manages the app.

Thanks to Brittany I have developed into a more organized individual throughout this past year. (I started using the app October 2017) I use the app the way Brittany shows in her video with my own twist. I am going to show you the 411 on how I use Google Keep and some ways you can use it. I have also incorporated what the app looks like on a computer and a phone.

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1. To Do Lists

My favorite feature of Google Keep is that it is reachable from anywhere. While doing my To Do Lists I enjoy being able to check things of anywhere I am. For instance if I am on my laptop, and I am working on Google Docs I can still see my To Do List without exiting what I am working on. I find it very satisfying to see what I have completed so Google Keep is perfect for me. I personally use three to lists, a to do list for things that are personal and a to do list for class. In addition I have a to do list for things that I have done that I need to turn in. When I initially began using this app I had one to do list for everything and was very overwhelmed so that is when I implemented a second to do list just for class.

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2. Grocery Lists

Making a grocery list on Google Keep is amazing. You can share your grocery list with whoever has a Gmail account, this is helpful because the list can be updated in real time. No more buying two of everything because no one can decide what to buy.

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3. Appointments

I know you’re probably thinking but I have calendar. Why do I need Google Keep?. I only recent got into using a calendar, before that I relied solely on Google Keep for keeping track of my appointments. I loved using Google Keep for tracking my appointments because everything was in one app, no switching back and forth between apps. If you’re interested in having one app for everything Google Keep is the app for you. You’ll never worry about having to overbook yourself again.

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4. Questions & Answers

I have narrowed down this category down to two words, and I realize at first glance this category doesn’t make any sense right now. But if you stick with me, you may just adopt this category. If I ever have a question for a professor, I write it in Google Keep and then leave a space underneath for the answer to my question. Or if I have a meeting with someone and I have questions for them I do the same thing!

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5. Archive

Now this category isn’t necessarily a category but more of a way to clean up your Google Keep homepage. So let’s say I asked some questions and got replies that I would like to reference in the future. For instance, my first semester I asked a faculty member at my school how to register for classes. I wanted to hold on to to that information without having to see it every day, so I decided to Archive it. I still have my information without having to see it every day.

Archive feature on a phone

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6. Grab Text

Let’s say someone says you have to try a recipe they found for macaroni, easily convert that picture of the recipe to text. Click the photo icon in the corner of the app and then click the three dots at the bottom of the image and click “Grab image text.” That’s it! Now that recipe is typed up for you.

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7. Using Google Keep in Google Docs

Let’s say you did some research for a paper using Google Doc’s just pick the note you’d like to use, click the three dots at the bottom of the note and pick the option to “Copy to Google Docs.” No more switching back and forth between websites!

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8. Quick Notes

Google Keep is terrific because creating a list on Google Keep isn’t the sole thing you can create. You can take a quick note. If someone tells you about a great app to try, like Google Keep make a note of that. No need for a list!

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9. Photo Notes

Sometimes a photo accompanied by text is imperative. Let’s say you want to buy a book for your book club, snap a photo of that book and then write underneath that picture “Buy this.” Or name the note “To Buy.”

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10. Audio Text

Occasionally it’s easier to give yourself a reminder through a voice memo. Google Keep can even decipher your voice into text. This is magnificent if you don’t feel like typing, or if you’re just into the whole voice memos thing.

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11. Brain Dump

If you’re super forgetful like me, go ahead and download this app if you haven’t already. I don’t always have the time and I don’t always feel like opening a document and doing my brain dump (partially because by the time I sort my document into the appropriate folder in my Google Drive but that’s a topic for another day). I’ve forgotten what I wanted to dump and forget. Don’t be like me and forget any of those ideas.

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12. Drag And Place

Well, folks we’ve arrived to the end of this post and I shall leave you with one more use of Google Keep. If you have a lot of tasks that have due dates try including the due dates and then drag and drop the tasks based on when it’s due or drag and drop based on what’s the most important task!

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