10 websites that'll help you pass that class

In a world where there are countless websites that you can use for class, it’s important to know which ones are actually worth your time. College is tough but luckily the internet has an abundance of websites to help you seize your classes. Today I am going to share with you my tried-and-true websites. These websites aren’t just for college students, anyone can use them! And all these websites are free!

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1. ProWritingAid

Don’t get me wrong I love Grammarly as much as the next person, but as a college pupil I love online tools that provide the most tools in one! ProWritingAid is compatible with Google Docs unlike Grammarly. ProWritingAid offers a list of your most used words, so that in the future you can broaden your horizons, and use that fancy word you read in an editorial the other day. It also corrects your spelling and grammar! ProWritingAid is essential for anyone hoping to tie up loose ends in their writing and enhance their writing!

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2. BigWords

I can’t tell you how many times my classmates have bought books for class without shopping around! A book price comparison website is a must! Don’t just purchase a book off your trusted website, shop around! There are plenty of sites such as (DealOz, SlugBooks, and the list goes on!) I choose to use Big Words because it has a simple interface, it is free; you don’t need an account to use the site and it allows its shoppers to shop and sell their books all on the same website!

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3. Cite This For Me (Formerly known as RefMe)

When writing a paper it is key that you cite information properly Cite This For Me, not only comes up with citations and alphabetical bibliography for you, it also provides different citation styles based on your needs such as: MLA and APA. Happy typing!

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4. Mendeley

We’ve all stumbled upon a site that has information you need for a paper, and if your anything like me, you’ll put all the sites you’ve found on a document, or attach it to your reference page at the end of your essay. Why go through that when you can create a free account and add all your research websites! No more worrying about creating a document just for research sites! You can also get a free bibliography!

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5. WolframAlpha

Google is terrific but sometimes, you need help with a tricky math question. Fear no more WolframAlpha will not only solve a problem for you but show you the steps how to solve it!

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6. StuDocu

This site is a gift! Not only can you browse through notes posted by pupils for a particular class, you can also find past exams to used to study! You may even find an answer to a homework assignment! You can also sell your notes to this website and receive money if your notes are approved by their team! The best part is the instant payout!

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7. Cheatography

This website provides free cheat sheets! There are cheat sheets for class and cheat sheets for things such as recipes and even travel!

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8. Readable

We’ve all written a sentence and wondered if it was readable. Worry no more! This terrific site will not only give you a score for the text you insert! It will also give feedback on your writing!

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9. The Online Books Page

College textbooks are expensive. This site will let you know if the book you’re looking for is free!

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10. Que Text

I’ve tried lots of websites to check for plagiarism and I always find myself coming back to this website because of its simplicity and easy use.

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