3 reasons why "self-love" is important

LOVE a word I have heard all my life

Everyone needs the air they breathe that's at least what OneRepublic sings with “all I need is the air I breathe.” But love is important too love is what makes your heart skip a beat, love is what holds a relationship together. Love is what some of us crave, love is what keeps you from giving up on someone. But the most important love you can give is love for yourself. I'm going to give you a few reasons why you need “air” AND self-love.

1. Self-love promotes positivity

You are your own longest relationship; through the storms, cloudy days and wonderful days, you are there. If you don’t love yourself, how else will you weather the storms? If you care for yourself, thus you learn your value and in return others will value you for your uniqueness and character. If you love yourself and treat yourself with kindness, you'll have more confidence and acknowledge all your flaws. In lieu of bitterness of yourself love yourself.

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2. Self-love helps your health

If you care for yourself, not only will you begin to eat better, because you realize you are deserving of the care you give others—and you will treat your body like a temple, work out, and get enough sleep.

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3. Self-love will help all your relationships

Over and over again we hear that we accept the love we think we deserve. If you look in the mirror and loath yourself, you may accept this hostility and cruelness from people in your life. But if you begin to care for yourself, you will realize you are worth so much more than you realize and you deserve to be put on a throne and treated graciously.

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At the end of the day the only person you can depend on is yourself, so make sure you love who you are. It is hard to love yourself all the time, so just remember on the days, when you hate yourself and on the days your heart aches from pain or all the love you give but don't get or as Ingrid Michaelson sings, “all the broken hearts in the world still beat.”

Remind yourself of what Thomas Wayne, tells Gotham's hero and my favorite hero Bruce Wayne:

“And why do we fall, Bruce?”

"So we can learn to pick ourselves up."

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