Here's what each MBTI personality does at an End-of-the-Summer party


We are entering the end of the summer! Summer jobs, internships, co-ops, you name it, have come to end. What better way to end the summer with an End-of-Summer Party. The best parties are the parties that involve all types of different personality types. From silent party animals to risk management party ruiner. Here is a breakdown of what each of the 16 MBTI types will most likely do at the party.

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Was most likely dragged out to the party by some extravert that told them to loosen up. Most likely the designated driver of the group. Attends the event even though they don’t want to go because they want to uphold their promises and follow through on their word. Stands to the side of the room to watch the crowd. Ends up low-key being in charge to make sure all of the operations run smoothly and nobody gets out of hand.

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Hands out all of the crackers and bananas to the drunk people to make sure they don’t pass out from intoxication. If someone ends up puking, this person is in the bathroom ready to hold your hair back and hand you a gatorade. Everyone is happy to see the ISFJ stay out longer than normal work hours.

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Standing to the side of the room close to the chips and salsa. Extraverts slowly begin gravitating towards the ISTP. The ENTP or ENTJ begins an intense debate-conversation. The debate turns into an intense battle of chess later on. The ISTP begins to crack less-than-overzealous jokes on the drunk slops in the office.

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Vicariously lives through the ESFP and ENFP to get the party started. Slowly begins to start dancing. Gets a kick out of the two colleagues getting into an intense dance battle in the middle of the circle. Shocks the crowd with their unknown dance abilities when they start a hip-hop routine to Drake’s “In My Feelings”.

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Stays closer to the wall at a party with one or two of their closest buddies. Listens to people vent about how crowded the space is. Moves to a quieter section of the room. Sitting closest to the exit signs so the INFJ can quietly escape the party.

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Takes a deep breath before walking into the party. Thinks about all the better things they could be doing instead of dealing with humans who don’t understand them. Schedules 5 minute breaks in between conversations. Unexpectedly gets into a deep discussion about a rare collection of coins they are collecting with other introverts. An extravert gives the INTJ a shot, then they transform into a party animal.

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Leaves a conversation with their friends and starts having deep inner thoughts about their existence In life. The INFP wanders off to another bar by themself. Convinces themselves it is time to pack up their things and move to another country to pursue a career in animation that would involve pitching new children films to Disney.

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Refuses to talk to new people. Only wants to talk to their close friends. Ends up getting distracted into their own ideas. Then, word vomits all of the details to the thoughts that have accrued for the past 3 years. Goes to sit on the couch to continue the intense conversation with a couple of drinks. Analyzes the entire environment while brainstorming the next discovery before deciding to leave the venue.

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The ESTJ is the “executive” of the party. Making sure everything goes smoothly. Gets annoyed when the itinerary does not go as followed. Takes over the schedule and tells everyone to listen to them. Pisses off all of the xxxP’s who just want to “go with the flow”. Begins to loosen up after their reliable friends begin to talk to them.

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Starts a push-up contest after taking two rounds of shots. Then tells the story of when they missed an important party because their best friend had to bail them out of jail for stealing a stop sign in the street. Grabs the INTJ to escape with them to run to the nearest casino to go gambling.

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Stands on some sort of elevated surface and starts drunkenly performing the newest dance craze. “Accidentally” gets the Director of Finance drunk and makes them join the dance circle. Starts nonchalantly moving closer to their crush and impresses them with their infectious personality. Boisterously yells over the music to tell the crowd to bring the party to his/her house.

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Was probably apart of the Social Committee. Was nominated as the host of the party. Asks everyone if they are enjoying themselves. Perfectly juggling between being the life of the party, making sure everyone is happy, and cleaning up after all of the messes.

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Tries to nonchalantly walk into the party, but begins to eagerly grin ear to ear when everyone is excited to see them. Becomes the life of the party when they break out a full on dance routine during one of their favorite songs. Starts talking about the time they were really trashed at the last summer party, then five minutes later starts giving people pep talks on why they should follow their dreams to be an astronaut. They hear another one of their favorite songs and run back to the middle of the dance floor.

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Makes sure that the shy, new person doesn’t feel left out. Somehow manages to meet three new friends and make them all friends with each other. Then, continues to go around the party making sure everyone is having a good time. Ends up going to the crying, drunk girl in the corner and counsels her throughout the night.

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Shows up an hour an half past late and walks in telling an outrageous story of why they are late. Tells borderline inappropriate jokes that everyone---even the HR Director---finds amusing.

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Goes up to the person in charge of the event and has a debate on why they should have had the event somewhere in a lavish ballroom. Then, networks with the entire event team to explain that they should have been hired to put together the event. The ENTJ ends up being in charge of the summer party the next year.

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