24 times The Office was the funniest show around

Everyone knows that January-March can be a really gloomy time of year. The snow is melting...classes are starting up again...the days are still short….and we need something to keep us going. My go-to pick me up has always been my Dunder Mifflin family on The Office. In fact, I’ve never had a bad day or a tough situation that The Office didn’t help me through. So consider this my “Welcome to 2nd Semester” gift to you: a compilation of a few of my personal favorite moments. Guaranteed to fix all of your late-winter blues and 2nd semester slumps. Take 2 of these, and call me in the morning.

When Michael revealed his true feelings about Chuck E. Cheese:

It has kind of an oaky...

The thing Kevin is best at:

When Dwight introduced us to Belsnickel:

“Dwight you ignorant slut”:

Kevin the Kool-Aid Man”

When Dwight looked cute that day:

Michael’s spelling lesson:

An image Source

When the office turned a first aid lesson into a dance party:

The Scarn:

Dwight and Angela’s sex ed lesson from Toby:

When Michael showed off his wine expertise:

Michael’s “brave face”:

When Dwight had a dog twin:

When Michael knew EXACTLY what song was playing...

When Jim shut up Dwight:

The iconic “save Bandit” moment:


When Michael just wanted a taste:

When Michael asked the real question:

Internet sensation of 2004:

Kevin’s alphabet lesson….

The Stanley Games:

Phyllis’s rainy day cliches:

Hero source

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