Give your wardrobe a Spring Break-over

You're not at school anymore

So why dress like it? Granted, shorts and an oversized t-shirt (or joggers and your favorite hoodie) are comfortable... they're just what you wear EVERY day. Vacation is a time to get out there and experiment with fashion. I mean... your parents aren't with you and you probably won't see half the people you meet ever again. Take risks!

If you're all about "no sleep, club, another club, another club"

Lady Gaga knows this better than anyone. If your idea of Spring Break involves nonstop partying and heading to club after club, then Boohoo has you covered. With 45% off, you have no reason NOT to outfit yourself. And once break is over, you can integrate all your new outfits into your already packed social calendar. If your social calendar isn't packed, this just gives you another reason to get out of the house.

If there's "some kind of weird retro thing going on that weekend"

You probably won't find your "great white buffalo" on Spring Break, then again... maybe you will. Spring Break is a magical time and depending on where you go, you could be required to party like it's 1999. When it comes to retro inspired pieces that won't look out of place, American Apparel is your go-to source for basics. They're also 15% off so you needn't worry about spending all your cash on updating your Spring Break wardrobe.

If "today is Beach Day!"

Maybe you're heading for sunny Mexico (or perhaps you're on a bus with Michael Scott and company to a local lake). No matter where you're headed, you know that you're going to need a swimsuit. Aerie has everything from retro inspired ruffles to the basic bikini you've been dreaming of. They have a decent range of sizes so more than likely you'll be able to find something that'll help you win whatever beach games you end up playing (maybe avoid egg races). PLUS it's 20% off so... it's an easy choice to make.

If you "feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme"

Much like the Jamaican bobsled team, Roxy is prepared for both sand AND snow. If your idea of a good time at the beach includes beach volleyball, jet ski races, surfing or really anything that requires movement, their swimsuits are for you! On the other side of the Spring Break spectrum, who wants to RENT their snow gear? While renting may be the cheaper option in most cases, Roxy's student offers won't break the bank. Check out all their snow jackets and pants so that you can be ready to shred the slopes at a moment's notice.

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