From ew to ooh: 4 easy ways to upgrade your space

Home is where the... uh...

If you’re like me, you’re constantly redecorating your dorm or apartment and trying new things. I am going through some roommate transition so I thought this would be a great time to write down what I have been doing to decorate my apartment. I am a college student, therefore I don’t have the luxury to shop at stores like Pottery Barn. Luckily for me, my apartment isn’t all that big so I don’t have to spend a lot on home decor.

1. Follow Macklemore's advice

Go thrift shopping! There are so many things that you can get for super cheap that are cute. If you don’t like used things, understandable but don’t cross it out of your list just yet. You can find furniture, kitchen supplies, clothes pins to use as chip clips. Garage sales are a hit in the summer and there’s one almost every weekend so go out and enjoy the weather and see if you can find some good deals. You can also use your UNiDAYS discount to get deals on all your favorite lifestyle brands.

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2. Declutter

Decluttering your apartment is something that is completely free and will open up your space to make it look bigger. Especially with summer coming up, some deep cleaning and getting rid of things that you don’t use will make your space look clean and hip.

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3. Go green

Get lots of plants. They are super in right now and there are so many of them that get rid of toxins, and purify your home. Get some succulents, maybe some hanging plants with a cute little pot; the possibilities are endless! Ikea is a good place to get cheap plants! I know the idea of having plants can seem like a lot of work but they’re really not! There are a lot of houseplants are low maintenance and that need watering like only once a week. Another dual purpose option that you could do is a little herb garden in your kitchen, not only can you use it for cooking but it’ll look nice.

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4. DIY

Pinterest is a great place to look to make something new out of what you already have. There are a bunch of tutorials that you can look up. What I have done in the past is buy tables and even a bar cart that are super cheap and plain and covered it with contact paper. It’s actually such a good look and it won’t cost you as much as you’d think.

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