Fall internship looks for every industry

Intern & Face the Strange

So, you perfected your resume, slayed your interview, and landed the job of your dreams-- we knew you could do it! After you've figured out your living situation and arranged the whole "credit" thing for school, you are good to go. Well, almost. There's still the time-old question of WHAT THE HELL TO WEAR. The rules for dressing at the office are shifting, making it increasingly difficult to pick that winning outfit. You want to be taken seriously but you're BROKE. How the hell are you supposed to dress for success on a student budget?

It sounds tricky, but don't you fret! We've got (almost) every situation and internship possible on lock down below all thanks to that handy #studentdiscount:


While a lot of businesses are shifting into more casual attire for their 9-5 looks, you'll still find corporate situations tend to be pretty stuffily dressed. I don't think you necessarily need to come into work every day in a three piece suit but it's important to "blend". Our best advice is to mix and match polished separates and keep your accessories simple and professional.


Not sure what is better here; the banker striped pants or the sash waist. Either way, wear this to your finance internship and you’ll look like a million bucks.

Look like Leo DiCaprio from Wolf of Wall Street but without the embezzlement problems.


The shapes of this look from Express are authoritative, but the colors and the pattern combo are nothing but fun. If this doesn’t say “work hard, play hard” I don’t know what would.

I love this autumnal red suit so much, it’ll turn heads in the best way.


Don’t be bossy, be the boss! We’re in love with the subtle plaid print of this Rag & Bone suit. People will take you seriously when you show up wearing this matchy-matchy power suit.

The slight pattern on this blazer with tonally matching pants with a tie and pocket square all in the same color family is a great idea. Just remember the pocket square doesn’t need to match!

Business Casual

Business casual means many things to many people. When you're straying from corporate life, you can afford to live on the edge, sartorially speaking. This isn't your parent's "business casual".


Marketing is all about figuring out how to sell what you’re selling. Who wouldn’t want to buy what you’re selling when you’re dressed in black turtleneck perfection?

I love a patterned shirt, pairing it with blue trousers dress shoes, and maybe a sweater depending on the temp


There is so much YES happening with this outfit. This beautiful bodysuit from For Love & Lemons is about to be our new favorite wardrobe staple. When you work in PR, you have to maintain a certain look if you’re client-facing. The ruffles and the lace might be a bit much at a staunchy law firm, but at your boutique PR agency, it’ll help you stand out from the crowd!

Maybe don’t unbutton halfway to your navel, but this is a semi-casual, interesting look that would be at home in any PR firm.


We do love a stripe. This babelicious look from Missguided is the perfect look to nail your management internship. Super flattering and a relatively conservative top is sprinkled with fun once you pair it with these ripped jeans. If you’re interning in management, you’ll truly command a room in a look like this.

Lose the Dad jeans but mixing a long sleeved polo in a stiff material with a blazer will impress your boss more than you think.


We’re loving this easy peasy stripes/denim/sneakers combo. While this might read more casual than business casual, swapping out a pair of booties will elevate you to nonprofit Queen.

One of my business casual go-to’s is a simple cardigan, white shirt, and khakis. You can’t go wrong with this in any business casual environment


Whether you’re doing student teaching with kindergarteners or Seniors, you’ll nail the curriculum in these fab wide-leg jeans and the fun and funky color combo on top. You might be chasing those little ones around all day, but you’ll look fabulous while you’re at it.

Keep things simple, easy, and comfortable while still looking like an adult. the kids won’t even realize you’re a student yourself.


How cute is this jumpsuit? For an unexpected twist on the boring old blouse and slacks, try something fun like this khaki green jumpsuit.

Don't forget, you're selling yourself. If you're client-facing, you'll want to make sure you look totally solid. This look from French Connection isn't stuffy and boring but it does give the illusion that you could be if you wanted to.


An internship in TV, news, magazines, web, design, or fashion calls for a creative dress code! This isn't the place to flaunt shapeless jackets and boring anything else you can think of. The point is to look like you've got the confidence to do any task before you, but to look cool while you're doing it.


Loving this look from A’GACI. When you work in fashion, you don’t have to be overly precious about showing a little leg, wearing a fun accessory like a hat, or standing out from the pack. This intern is getting SO hired.

I love a casual suit, and this beautiful blue Rag & Bone suit and sweater combo work really well together. A suit like this doesn’t need dress shoes either, don’t be scared to mix it up.

Media / TV

You’ll be running around like a chicken with your head cut off, so make sure you’re super comfy. It also tends to be freezing inside of those studios. We’re loving the addition of this khaki jacket and shawl/scarf situation. You look pulled together but still super comfy.

Monochrome feels bold to some, but as long as the shades match well enough it’s a great look.

Editorial / Magazine

Editorial and magazine work means you’ve got to communicate with a glance that you know what is happening right now. These super on-trend thigh-high boots will tell everyone that you’re on top of your shit with a single glance.

This is the epitome of nonchalance while also showing you know how to work a well-tailored suit.


Is this jacket not giving you life right now? You’re in design so it’s FACT That you’ve got an eye for fashion. Show it off a little bit! An ensemble like this one will show future employers that you’ve got vision and I can’t think of anything more important than that.

Think trendy layers and mixing basics like this mock turtleneck with an interesting shirt.


Working w/ Kids

When you’re working with children, you’ll want to make sure to wear something you can toss on, throw in the washing machine if it gets dirty, and make for a very comforting material when the kiddies want some hugs.

When you’re on your feet chasing down children but still having to stick to some kind of dress code, Cole Haan’s comfy, lightweight shoes and boots will save your life.


Research means you’ll be stuck behind a computer. Better wear something comfy cozy but put-together.

Evisu has made some of the coolest denim on the market since 1991, and this outfit needed to find a place on this list.

Web Startup

There are no rules at a web startup! Have fun! Be comfortable! Be you! That’s what we do here at UNiDAYS and look how far we’ve come.

This look is comfortable to be sure, a requirement for start-up life, while also being presentable and confident you’re looking better than 90% of the people who work there.