Celebrate National Margarita Day right with these four recipes


Fact: everyone loves margaritas. Even that person you know who always says that tequila isn't their friend whenever you're out drinking? That person loves margaritas. And if they say they don't love margaritas, they're lying. Sorry to be the one to break it to you that your friend is a liar, but somewhere deep down inside didn't you always know? It's OK, we'll get through this together.

Lying, tequila-hating friends aside, National Margarita Day is FINALLY here--a day to rejoice and be glad (and a little tipsy). With these four recipes, you can salt the rim of your glass instead of getting salty with your frenemy down the hall.

No blender, no problem

Whip up a batch of frozen margaritas with ease and without even plugging in a blender. This recipe is made overnight using only 3 ingredients and your freezer. Similar to a cross between a traditional frozen cocktail and a boozy granita (sort of like a sorbet), this recipe is great for celebrating with friends.




Keep it simple, stupid. The beauty of the margarita lies not in fancy technique or hoity-toity ingredients—bring out the best this classic cocktail has to offer by using reposado tequila, a splash of Cointreau, and a simple squeeze of lime for the perfect amount of sunshine in the middle of those colder months. Get the recipe here

Flavor fave

If you like your margaritas to be a little ~ExTrA~, grab a blender and a handful of watermelon chunks for a little taste of summer in the middle of the cold, dark winter. If you prefer something a little more seasonal, opt for a tart-and-sweet, grapefruit-infused Paloma (while technically not a margarita, the Paloma is the margz' more popular Mexican cousin).

The crowd gets wild

Marg Source

Grab a pitcher, your closest buds, and your passion for tequila and whip up this batch of tasty drinks that serves a crowd. Or just one very thirsty person. Either way, we highly recommend using these margs to wash down a healthy serving of tacos for a bit of fiesta.

Whether you like your margarita a little #salty or sweet, frozen or on the rocks, flavored or traditional, we've got you covered on this most holy of holidays. Also, forego the alcohol and you have a tart drink that'll last you well into the warmer months. If you need a recipe a "Virgin Margarita", we've got you covered here.

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