7 drinks that'll make you say "Talk Derby to me"

Haaayyyyyy there

With the Kentucky Derby this weekend, you're going to need a few cocktails and mocktails to throw the best damn party this side of the Mississippi. If partying isn't your scene then you can just throw on a hat, turn the TV on, and sip on one of these bad boys to yourself. Heck, why not make all of them to keep your taste buds entertained well after the race is over.

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1. The Blush Lily

A take on the Churchill Downs' Oak Lily, this drink is in honor of Kentucky Oaks Day. What is Kentucky Oaks Day? Well it's a race held just for fillies and the winner receives a blanket of lilies rather than a blanket of roses. It's also held a day BEFORE the Kentucky Derby.

2. Strawberry Basil Julep

All everyone talks about is the mint julep... well there ARE other juleps out there. If mint isn't your thing, the strawberry basil julep is a nice twist on the traditional cocktail.

3. Kentucky Derby Pie Milkshake

A Derby tradition since the 1950s, this take on the classic chocolate, nut, and bourbon pie is far easier than making an actual pie... trust me. PLUS you can make it boozy or forego the booze to keep things family friendly.

4. Kentucky Mule

Have your copper mug AND your bourbon too! While the Derby is all about horses, you can slip in a mule for good measure. Pairing ginger beer with bourbon is the twist on the Moscow Mule you've been looking for.

5. Honey Lemonade

It's hot out and nothing is more refreshing during race time than a glass of homemade lemonade. Add lemon and mint to give it just a little extra something something.

6. Black-eyed Susan

Named for the flowers that drape the winner of the Preakness, the Black Eyed Susan is a fun alternative to the classic mint julep. Semi-floral in taste, it's an excellent addition to your summertime cocktail rotation.

7. Disney's Mint Julep

What would a Kentucky Derby drink list be without a mint julep? Very inaccurate is the answer to that. Granted this Disney version is made without alcohol, you can certainly add some if that's your fancy.

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