7 summer vacation inspired cocktails

Summer vacation cocktails are the best cocktails, right? It’s all about those fresh flavors. Fancy whipping up some of your own from home? Check these bad boys out!

1. Piña colada

The classic summer holiday drink! All the coconut and pineapple goodness. With only 3 super simple steps you’ll feel like you’re on an exotic beach in no time.

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2. Passion fruit caipirinha

It’s time to get tangy! This little Brazilian number is the ultimate fruity refresher and only has 4 ingredients, so it’s not going to break the bank either. Dream.

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3. Raspberry mojito

Who doesn’t love a good mojito? This cocktail is the perfect mix of sweet and sharp and can be made in only 5 minutes. Yep, 5 minutes. Speedy and delicious - what more could you want?

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4. Strawberry and mango daiquiri

Mangos and strawberries are two of the sweetest fruits, so this one’s definitely for you if you have a lil’ sweet tooth. This delight is sure to keep you cool throughout the summer, plus, can we just appreciate how pretty it is?

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5. Watermelon Sangria

Sangria is good but watermelon sangria is better! It's basically like having a watermelon slice in liquid form. Plus it only takes five minutes to prep!

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6. Frozen Dark & Stormy

Much like the pińa colada, the dark & stormy is a vacation classic. Ginger beer keeps things spicy in this grownup slushy. It's also a pretty good conversation starter seeing as the name itself is VERY interesting.

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7. Mermaid Mules

Moscow Mules are refreshing (and aesthetically pleasing) but they can't hold a candle to the Mermaid Mule. The Curaçao complements the citrusy taste of the ginger beer and adds another level to the already grammable drink!

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