8 pop culture moments you DONUT want to miss

Like I said, you DONUT want to miss this

Nothing's better than a fresh donut! Don't believe me, try one and see for yourself. You can do it now or later... doesn't matter to me. That being said, it's National Donut Day! What better way to celebrate than to take a trip down memory lane with these 8 delicious pop culture moments? Well there might be... if you're in Texas you can head to your local Dunkin Donuts for a medium hot OR iced latte for $1.99 (but only until 7/31).

1. Donut-gate

In 2015, Ariana Grande was embroiled in a scandal that could only be described as 'wtf'. She was caught on camera at a California bakery licking unsold donuts and saying "I hate Americans. I hate America." It was later dubbed #DonutGate and Grande eventually apologized saying there was nothing to justify it and that her behavior had been offensive.

2. Homer's true love

You can't think donuts without including Homer Simpson. Even those that don't watch the show know his catchphrase, "Mmm. Donuts." Even when he went to hell, his love for donuts outshone everything (and even astounded the Devil's minion).

3. The Agent Cooper special

Beyond some "damn fine coffee," Twin Peaks was full of references to the sweet treat. Don't believe me? Check out this supercut a fan put together devoted entirely to the series's devotion.

4. Stan Mikita's know what's up

Although made up for the movie, people still to this day SWEAR Stan Mikita's is a real place. Can you blame them? It was THE place to be in Wayne's World. I can't tell you how many times I wish I could just pop down to Stan Mikita's and listen to Glen go on and on and on and on.

5. The donut of shame

Not one of the more widely known moments on the list, Patrick Star and the donut of shame more than make up for it. I mean, can you REALLY have a pop culture list without Spongebob? No. He MEMEs business.

6. Ron Swanson's special snack

For those familiar with Parks and Recreation's Ron Swanson... you KNOW what his red polo means. After Ron's had sex, he feels on top of the world and has to dress like pro-golfer Tiger Woods. Normally stone-faced, his "I just had sex" outfit brings out the giddy man we rarely get to see. Just look at him giggle as he drops of the donuts so they can go nuts.

7. He may be a murderer but at least he brought food

Ah Dexter. Love him or hate him, he was certainly an interesting character. How often does one come across a serial killer that only kills other killers? The answer, not often (but you already knew that). While he may have been a bad guy, he wasn't necessarily a bad guy. Look he brought donuts!

8. Liz Lemon's go-to

Liz Lemon is a mess but a mess I (and many others) identify with. 30 Rock was full of one-liners and quotable moments that even now, people STILL bring up. Liz Lemon's love affair with food was one of the greatest sources of entertainment and after Jack Donaghy describes an almost TOO delectable dessert, Liz Lemon brings up her own... in the form of a microwaved donut.

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