Fancy Something Sweet?

I have a serious sweet tooth and during the holidays, it's widely socially acceptable to eat nothing but candy and chocolate for at least a few weeks. And so I was beyond excited when I saw that Dylan's Candy Bar had launched with 10% - whether you're shopping for Christmas gifts or looking to treat yourself, there's sure to be something you fancy!

So Wrong But So Right

If you're a fan of trying something new then they have plenty of weird and wonderful treats for you. Like bacon flavoured chocolate?! Sweet and salty is a strangely good combination so these chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate covered chips are on my must-try list. If you're a coffee addict then you'll love these chocolate covered espresso beans! Article_DylansCB_5

Feeling Fruity

If you're more of a fan of the classics then they've got plenty of all-time-favourites to choose from too. Every flavour jelly bean possible, a giant lollipop or the world's biggest gummy bear! If you want some actual fruit then they even have that (but chocolate covered of course!) Article_DylansCB_2

Total Chocoholic

These are sure to get your mouth watering! Red velvet cake is inarguably the best kind of cake and so what better than turning it into a chocolate bar? If you want a wider selection then how about the chocolate covered sandwich cookies, chocolate bakery mix or chocolate tackle box? They'll also make great presents! Article_DylansCB_1

Sweet Or Sour

For those sour-sweet lovers, they've got an awesome collection! My top picks would be the sour belts or sour watermelons! If you want to try a bit of everything then how about this tackle box? And if you love a cool container then you'll love this soda can filled with sour worms! Article_DylansCB_4

We All Love A Bit Of Novelty Candy

Let's be honest, we all love a bit of a gimmick and I reckon that everyone is a Mean Girls fan at heart so these  popcorn jelly beans and burn book cookies are amazing! If you want to indulge your inner child then minion candy is the way to go and if you're feeling festive then get yourself a Christmas tackle box! Article_DylansCB_3

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