7 ways to make money over Winter Break

This year, Winter break is here right in the nick(el and dime) of time.

1. Sell your books back

This is kind of a no brainer, and in many instances, probably how most of you intend to buy Christmas presents at all this year. If you prefer convenience over cash, check with your school store about how they handle buying back books. In the event that you’re looking to make a decent chunk of change, there are mad options at your disposal to shop around online. We found this really handy list of websites that you can price out in order to make the best choice for your books. It’s been real, Western Civilization, I hope you and your next owner have as many good times as we did.

2. Babysitting

Put the word out that you’ll be around for the holidays and are free to sit on babies (har har)! Try posting a status on Facebook or Twitter to let the world know. If you’re super old-fashioned, tell Mom she has your permission to start putting the word out there for you (she’ll be so happy you’re asking for her help!). Babysittng can be lucrative work, and holiday social events combined with regular daycare providers taking their Christmas vacations means you can be there to fill the void. If you happen to like children, it’s such a win/win. Also, after they go to bed you can raid the fridge and binge watch TV. It never gets old.

3. Holiday retail

Give retail a try! Working at your favorite store might just be the best thing you do this winter (HELLO EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT!!). For retailers, the holiday season is the most important. It’s where they make the most money and when they see the most foot traffic. It might not sound like a perk, but the long hours are definitely a blessing when you’re bored home for break, and they go by so quickly because you’re always on your feet talking to people, organizing, and having fun with your new work friends. Also, you probably get to see the mall after-hours, which has been a lifelong dream of mine. Oh, the pay is decent, too!

4. House/Pet Sitting

Like babysitting, it’s important to spread the word that you’ll be available over Winter break, as well as responsible enough to take care of a house and/or the pets that come along with it. This is hands down the best way to get out of the house when you’re trying to survive your family for this extensive period of time. Sending pets to the kennel is expensive and unkind, and anyone who’s ever seen Home Alone can attest to the fact that criminals target homes this time of year. Try and talk some of your relatives into letting you tcb while they’re on vacation. Just make sure you get a really good tutorial on how to use their complicated television before they’re gone, and know what kind of pets you’re in for.

5. Check in with previous employer

How did you make money over the summer? The holidays are a blessing in that most restaurants, shops, cafes, etc etc will need seasonal help, and you’d like to be their seasonal helper! Give your old boss a call as soon as you know your plans for break and let them know when you’ll be available/for how long. Even if they say they’re all set for the holiday, let them know you’re happy to cover shifts where needed. You’re already trained, which is a huge perk for them. People are looking for a bit more flexibility over the holidays, so you might just be someone’s shift-covering Christmas miracle.

6. Invite friends and earn rewards

Did you know that UNiDAYS has a rewards program? Invite friends to join UNiDAYS using your personal referral link. When they join, your account is automatically credited. You get $5 for each friend that joins! Basically, the more you invite... the more you earn! When you claim your reward, you receive a voucher to spend with our brands.

7. Shovel snow (or offer to do things for your neighbors)

It’s tempting to stay inside and hide from the elements during (or after) a snowstorm, but it’s time to grab that shovel; you have money to make. You might know your neighborhood well enough to know which houses need a bit of extra love, but you can offer your services to just about any house just by taking a walk when the snow is fresh. If you see a walkway unshoveled or a car buried, it’s your time to pounce. It’s hard work and for long hours, but everyone in your area will have to deal with the snow, so you’ll have a lot of potential customers. If snow isn't really feasible where you live, drop by your neighbors' houses to see if they need a hand with anything.

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