5 DIY gifts that aren't crap

Being a student during the Holidays can be tough. All those gifts to buy with no money and all that time to kill with not much to do, right? Pretty much! Here are 5 DIY gifts that won't cost you much and will make you look like the most thoughtful sister/brother/daughter/son/whatever ever.

1. Animal keychains

Know someone who's always losing their keys? Check out these super cute painted animal keychains from one of our fav UK DIY blogs, Burkatron. Pick your animal, pick up some cheap small screw hooks from a DIY store and grab some spray or acrylic paint. You could even buy those little key chain attachments if you're feeling really professional!

DIY Animal Key Chains

2. An actually nice gym bag

Gym bags are always pretty gross and boring so refresh someone's workout attire with this incredible DIY. It's a pretty intense DIY but if you're already handy with a sewing machine then this is an awesome gift for you to create for any yoga lovers or gym bunnies in your life. Check out the full step by step instructions on Brit & Co.

Gym bag DIY

3. The Mean Girls mirror

How cool is this You're Like, Really Pretty mirror?

DIY Mean Girls Mirror

If you know a Mean Girls fan, (and let's face it, who doesn't?), this has to be the best gift they'll receive on Christmas Day. It's a tricky one and you might need some skills but it'll be 100% worth it when you see their face!

Mean Girls GIF GIF Source

4. Beers in a box

Does your dad, uncle, brother or boyfriend love his beer? A Beer Box is a super easy and thoughtful DIY that's guaranteed to make him smile!

Beer Box DIY Gift

5. Embroidered messages

Handy with a needle and thread? Grab yourself an embroidery hoop, some pretty threads and get stitching! Choose their favorite quote, song lyric or even something that they say all the time themselves, they'll appreciate the thought 100%.

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