7 Reasons why Jessica Jones is a badass

Jessica Jones is returning to Netflix for a second season on International Women’s Day aka March 8th. To get us hyped for the return of everyone’s favorite PI, let’s take a look at 7 reasons why Jessica Jones is an ultimate badass.

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1. Krysten Ritter

As you probably know, Jessica Jones is played by Krysten Ritter. What you might not have known is that Krysten is not only an actress, but she’s also an author and musician. Her first book Bonfire was released in 2017 and she's one half of the indie rock duo Ex Vivian.

But getting back to the world of Marvel, Krysten’s portrayal of Jessica Jones has been widely praised by critics. She’s able to walk the line between ultimate badassery and honest vulnerability and according to reviews of season 2, Krysten is one of the best things about it.

2. She's a fighter

Not much is known about Jessica Jones’ origin story, but this does appear to be one of the focal points of season 2. 

Jessica was orphaned at a young age, subjected to horrific experiments and grew up in foster care. Then when she grew up, her experiences with Kilgrave were even more traumatic.

Despite being subjected to unimaginable trauma, Jessica keeps fighting. However, she never truly seems to be freed from the demons of her past and this grounds her story and makes it all the more interesting for us as an audience.

3. She’s strong AF

Even though she’s reluctant to accept the title of superhero, Jessica fights for good and has super powers- the most noticeable of them being her strength. Jessica fought Luke Cage in season 1 and she then went on to one-punch KO Iron Fist in the Defenders and who can forget that time she just casually lifted a car?

4. She DGAF

Jessica says it like it is. She ain’t got time for BS. Her traumatic past has led to her refusing to be disrespected by anyone, especially men. Her sarcastic comments make for entertaining viewing.

5. She’s a Defender

While the cinematic side of the MCU has the Avengers (and the Revengers!), the Netflix side of the MCU has the Defenders. 
The team is made up of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and, of course, Jessica Jones.

Now, if you’re picked to be a part of a team of heroes that is tasked with taking down an underground criminal gang of ninjas, it’s pretty much a pre-requisite that you’re at least a bit of a badass.

6. Kilgrave

There’s an argument that the hero is only as good as the villain. Would Batman be as badass as he is without the Joker? 
Would Black Panther have been as good as it was without Killmonger? 

The highlight of season 1 for many was David Tennant’s portrayal of Kilgrave. Kilgrave is undeniably one of the most demented villains to ever been shown on screen, but something about Tennant’s charm made him a fan favorite.

It is the relationship between these two characters that allowed season 1 to deal with darker subject matters and allowed Jessica to flourish and gain the title of ultimate badass by standing up for herself and taking on the man who caused her so much unimaginable suffering.

7. She’s a good person deep down

Jessica’s DGAF attitude may come across to many as her being rude and distant but beneath her hard exterior, Jessica is a good person.

Although reluctant to accept the title of hero, Jessica fights for the innocent via her detective agency, Alias Investigations. She also cares deeply for those she is close to and involves herself completely in the cases she takes on, often doing whatever it takes to make sure justice prevails.

Check out the trailer for Jessica Jones season 2 below:

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