6 ways to get back into studying now that Spring Break is over

RIP Spring break 2019 💔

Spring Break is just what we need to get through the home stretch of the end of the semester. The time off from school is much needed, and once it's over we can only dream of summer. Before then, we have to focus on crushing those classes.

1. Mourn the End of Spring Break

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Whether you did a vacation or staycation, you have to take the time to share the highlights with all of your amazing friends and classmates. This is the time to share pictures and tell your wildest stories.

2. Reset Your Clock

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Now that it's back to work, there’s no more sleeping in (well, not as late as usual.) Early birds really do catch the worm; the sooner you get a head start on your work the easier the end of the semester will go by.

3. Ditch the Distractions

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It’s tempting to want to lounge on the beach or catch up on all the new episodes of your favorite Netflix show. However, all of it will be waiting for you after finals. Set a timer on your phone for all of your social media apps, put Netflix on pause and save your bikini for the summer.

4. Form a Study Group

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Having a study group (even if it’s just one other classmate) is super beneficial to form right before finals hit. If you have several tests coming up, you can quiz each other. If you have presentations to do, you can practice in front of them. They may know something you don’t, or vice versa.

5. Meet with the Professor of your Hardest Course

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At least once before the year wraps up, meet with the professor of your hardest class and ask them all of the questions you have on the subject. You could always shoot them an email, but usually professors are juggling more than one class of students. Meeting with them in person can really change your outlook on the topic. Their office hours are there for a reason, so utilize them!

6. Hit the Quiet Section of the Library

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Overall the only thing that can truly get you back into studying – is studying. It’s kind of like procrastinating doing the dishes: you dread it until the time rolls around when you can’t ignore it any longer, and when you finally do it, you realize it's not that bad. Remember – nothing feels better than binging new episodes of your favorite show right after crushing your finals.

Happy Studying!

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