6 must-see travel destinations for your bucket list

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The idea of a bucket list is to maximize our life experiences whilst we have the opportunity to. One thing that people tend to put off is traveling, especially to new and unknown places. But, the world is to be explored and it is important that we visit different places.

Making a travel bucket list is something which everyone should do, and here are 6 travel destinations which you need to add to your list this year.

Ayutthaya, Thailand

Whether you’re in the Land of Smiles for a day or a month, there are many different things to see, do and eat in Thailand that you’ll almost certainly want to come back. With many young travelers heading to the country, a lot of the beach-side resorts have quickly become tourist- focused.

If you want to experience something a little different, then head to Ayutthaya, which is one of Thailand’s ancient cities. UNESCO-listed, Ayutthaya is just a short journey away from Bangkok and is ideal for history-fans, with exotic ruins taking you on a journey in Siam’s golden age.

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Miami, Florida

With sun-kissed skies and beautiful beaches, Miami is a tropical haven that is the ideal travel destination for those wanting to have fun and enjoy warm weather. When you imagine Miami, you probably think of parties, beaches and luxury - and you’re not wrong.

Home to one of the worlds most famous beaches, you can spend the day relaxing on a lounger, then when the evening comes, head to some of the bars, hotels and clubs which line the beach strip for great parties and music events. Miami isn’t just focused on the beaches and nightlife, it also has a great history of culture, with many museums and art-deco buildings.

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Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is one of the world’s most unique destinations and has so much to offer. The Icelandic landscape is one of a kind and offers incredible varying vistas. Glaciers and volcanoes to fjords and waterfalls, the combination of landscapes are breathtaking.

Nature is a huge appeal for many travelers and it is easily accessible across the island. You can go lake diving, explore natural ice caves and visit both active and inactive volcanoes. Iceland should be at the top of your bucket list if you love the outdoors.

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Manchester, United Kingdom

Manchester is one of the most vibrant cities in England and is often referred to as the second capital. Much cheaper and far easier to explore than London, there is plenty to do in the Northern city. From the trendy Northern Quarter to the bohemian outer suburbs of Chorlton and West Didsbury, travel in and around the city is easy with central access to trams, buses and trains.

If you’re looking for some great food, then you’re not going to be disappointed. There are some truly amazing places to eat in Manchester, with many award-winning restaurants and cafes located all around the city. Spinnigfields is full of upper-market restaurants, or if you’re looking for cheaper eats, then head to the Arndale Market, which is home to street-eateries and popular cafes for locals in the know.

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Ambergris Caye, Belize

Nestled in-between Guatemala and Mexico, the small country of Belize has fast become one of the most popular tourist destinations in South-America, but is one which most people still haven’t heard of. With lush rain forest, beautiful beaches and ancient cities, as well as the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, it’s no wonder why so many people are regular visitors.

There are more than 200 different islands, or cayes, that are easy to access and make ideal bases for snorkeling, diving and fishing. Belize is a country full of Mayan history and it has been estimated that over one million Mayans lived in Belize from 300-900 AD. Ambergris Caye is one of the busier Caye’s, but it has everything you need in one place. It is notoriously laid-back and relaxed, making it the perfect traveling destination.

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Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu may be one of the more well-known Hawaiian destinations, but there are some hidden secrets and must-see places to visit on the island and it is the perfect place to spend a week or so exploring the different parts of the island. Waikiki is a huge tourist attraction, especially for the nightlife, but Kailua Town on the other side of the island is a beautiful place to visit and has world-famous beaches where you can get away from it all.

If you’re a hiking or history fan, then you’ll love visiting Haiku Stairs, or more frequently referred to as the “Stairway to Heaven”. Although it is currently illegal to hike the stairs, it is worth a visit just to awe at the sheer height and steepness that they sit at. These stairs were a huge part of Hawaii’s war efforts during WWII, where the stairs provided the military access to a radio station antennae 2000ft up the mountain, which help them to communicate with the Navy.

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