5 tips to land your dream internship

Internships have become incredibly crucial to landing desirable jobs. The experience is a remarkable way to make connections within your industry and learn more about how it works overall. With knowledge from past internships under your belt, your potential employers are more likely to hire you.

1. Know Yourself So You Can Sell Yourself

Be sure that you know what skills are your strengths but don’t just list them in an interview, resume, or email. You need to have some sort of story or proof to back it up. If you have a story in which you exhibited leadership or excellent communication skills, have that in the back of your mind to mention.

2. Network, Network, Network

More people than you would think get hired because a current employee refers them to the company or to their boss so making sure that people know you and your name is important. LinkedIn is an essential for anyone who wants to network professionally. In addition, always keep your business cards on you to pass out when necessary.

3. Fine-Tune Your Resume & Cover Letter

There is no such thing as too many edits! You want to be more than certain that your resume and cover letter don’t have any grammatical errors whatsoever. Read both documents aloud to catch any awkward wording or errors. Spellcheck doesn’t catch all of them. Have a friend review it too.

4. Be Persistent

But don’t be annoying, either. You want to balance how often you contact someone who works wherever you are seeking an internship. If you don’t follow-up if you haven’t heard back, they will assume you are no longer interested or forget, neither of which are the impression you want to make. Follow up if it’s been longer than a week without a reply.

5. Follow Up An Interview With A Thank You Card

Thank you cards are an easy and fantastic way to make someone’s day and make that lasting impression I’ve been mentioning.  Be sure to send it a few days after your interview took place and remind your interviewer you are thankful they took to time to interview you and why you’d be a great fit for the position.

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