5 tHiNgS mAkiNg yOur rEsUmE HARD to READ

If employers receive your resume and the formatting makes their eyes bleed, there’s probably a slim chance they will call you in for the interview. Thankfully, I’ve listed a few tips to help you showcase your skills and stand out.

Note: This only includes formatting for general resumes. For certain positions, you may want to do more specific research.

8. Consistency

There’s nothing that makes an employer more frustrated than a lack of consistency in your formatting. If you’re using round bullet points to describe the responsibilities of one position, you should not use square bullet points or arrows in the next. This is also true for the chronological timeline of your resume. An image gif source

2. Choice of Words (or Word Choice)

You should choose your words wisely and use them economically. Employers want to read exciting, passionate, concise resumes - not autobiographies. These words should not only showcase your competency in previous positions, but should also cater to the position you are applying for. An image gif source

3. Cliches - Read Between the Lines

All that glitters isn’t gold, meaning that if you have to use a cliche, the bullet point probably isn't worth it. However, if the cliche is relevant, you may want to look deeper into what you are trying to show. Instead of simply listing “team player” as a core competency, identify a time when you have been a valuable asset to a team and how. An image gif source

4. Font Size

Pretty self explanatory, but if the employer can’t see your name, they probably won’t remember you. Times New Roman 11-12 point font is standard, but I personally take the educated risk of using Cambria. An image gif source

5. Spalling

*Spelling is extremely important, and it will be the deal breaker for employers. Check, then double check your spelling. After that, have someone else read it over for any other grammatical errors as well. An image gif source

{Pro Tip}

I have my own personal resume “bucket” that lists all of my jobs, achievements, etc. When applying for a new position, I copy and paste the information that is relevant. Saves tons of time! An image gif source

Happy job hunting!

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