5 Santacon styles you'll love

For one glorious day a year, step into the boots of the most magical and prolific character from your childhood, Santa Claus. First things first, he’s the realest; or at least he is at Santacon (only there are thousands of him, and they’ve been drinking, a lot). While this might seem like just your average bar crawl where all of your friends are dressed like jolly old men with belly’s shaking like bowls full of jelly, the best part of Santacon (besides wearing comfy red pajamas) is that it acts as a charity in most cities, so get donating.

Santacon is coming to town, so grab a fist full of cookies, a pint of beer, and get ready to head to the next bar! PS, follow @santacon on Twitter for constant updates the day of! Have fun and be safe, darlings!

  1. Traditional Santa

A lot of Santacon participants are purists which makes sense as it is, indeed, SANTAcon. If you’re looking to be just another Santa in a sea of red suits, we recommend you go with either one of these adorable and comfy looking rouge ensembles. ASOS and Wildfox know what’s up come Christmas, and we can’t get enough.


  1. Classy Claus

Maybe a costume isn’t really your thing, that’s fine! You can still totally embody the spirit of Christmas AND Santacon by turning up in one of these classy Christmas ensembles from ModCloth and Boohoo.


  1. Oh dear!

If there's one Christmas character that stands out from the crowd, it's Rudoplph. Play the part of everyone’s favorite misfit reindeer by going all out with this poncho from ASOS or with this adorable Reindeer sweater from Hollister. Hey you, with your outfit on point, won’t you lead our bar crawl tonight?


  1. Elfie

I want to talk to you about these super cute and comfortable Elf costumes for him and her from ASOS, but first-- let me take an elfie.


  1. Accessories they'll pine over

Thankfully for us, the rise of Santacon means that there’s no shortage of Christmas-related internet treasures to pick from!


Whether you’re donning red fuzzy heels or slippers this Santacon, just know that any bar crawl means a whole lot of walking. Give one of these headbands a try to assume the role of Christmas tree or chimney. We’re also a pretty big fan of these antler barrettes.

Beyond Santacon, pair this gingerbread purse or this elf bag with a chic outfit to make a Christmas statement everyone you know will pine over. For those that failed to grow a stark white beard over Novembeard, give this inflatable one a try; it’s less committal than the real thing, and not even half as itchy.


Remember, Santacon is only meant for those of age! Don't land yourself on the naughty list!

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