16 purrfect gifts for pet lovers

True Life: we’re obsessed with our pets. But just when we think we need to chill out with our adoration and pet worship, we hop on social media and see that the rest of you feel the exact same way about your furry friends. That said, please follow our handy pet lover’s guide to shopping this holiday season. Gifts for you, your human friends, your spirit animals, and anyone else that isn’t allergic and does, indeed, have a heart. I think you’ll find they’re paws-itively perfect.

1. Custom Casetify case

There isn’t a pet-lover alive that wouldn’t love to carry their furry friend around in their pocket all day long. Create a custom Casetify phone case covered in photos from their Insta account to make it special to them and their BFF. Doubles as an ice-breaker at parties!

2. GoPro Fetch dog harness

The GoPro Fetch Dog Harness is the perfect way capture puppy escapades. From eating the entire contents of the refrigerator and garbage, to sleeping for 8 hours straight, we can’t wait to get our hands on the raw footage. Woof.

3. Sleepy kittens Alana top

This sleepy kitten top is the perfect way say “I encourage you to take more cat naps” and therefore, it makes the absolute perfect gift.

An image

4. Gumby rubber dog toy

We pretty much decided we needed to get our dog this Gumby toy after we saw this dog’s reaction to his master’s real-life Gumby costume. Next item on our list to buy… a Gumby costume.

5. ASOS trunks with party dog print

There’s a “Who let the dogs out” joke here somewhere. These ASOS trunks with party dog print will slay for your friend who likes to party (translation: takes their pants off at parties).

6. Bunny slippers

These bunny slippers will have your rabbit-loving friend jumping, skipping and hopping for joy. They’re uber soft and warm and just the cutest wittle item on the list.

An image

7. Flex fleece dog zip hoodie

You know how sometimes dogs start to look like their humans? We love it when man’s best friend, on occassion, dresses the part on purpose. Achieve twin-status with the American Apparel Flex Fleece Dog Zip Hoodie. They make the same hoodies for humans, so there’s real potential to bro out here.

8. Cat graphic eco tote

This cat graphic eco tote might be a little too literal in terms of the phrase “cat’s out of the bag,” but that’s exactly why we’re into it.

9. Holiday dog print PJ jumpsuit

Who wouldn’t want to wake up on Christmas morning wearing a head-to-toe ‘puppy dressed as a reindeer’ jumpsuit? Exactly.

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10. Novelty coat hanger

These novely coat hangers are equal parts cute and weird. Anyone who likes animals, coats, and laughing will be honored to receive these.

11. Pugs not drugs tee

This is the cutest anti-drug campaign we’ve ever seen! Snag this Pugs Not Drugs Graphic Tee at Urban Outfitters and let the pug hugs roll in.

12. Cat ear beanie

This has been a great year for cats in fashion. Do we thank Kitty Purry? We love this badass Cat Ear Beanie because it’s a subtle fashion statement that will be sure elicit meows of joy.

An image

13. Caleb Troy for DENY yin-tang painted clouds pet bowl set

This painted clouds bowl set is perfect for your trendy dog-loving buddy who knows their pup deserves to be as stylish as they are when they’re dining. Basically, if your dog could instagram it’s dinner in this bowl, it would.

14. Sushi cat blind box figure

These sushi cat blind box figures are hilarious, adorable, and the perfect little stocking stuffer.

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15. Shiba Inu bean pillow

My dog was never allowed on the couch growing up. This Shiba Inu bean pillow is my way of sticking it to my Mom (sorry Mom!). My dog is never leaving the couch now.

16. Pet selfie calendar

If I had the choice to pick between Kim Kardashian’s book Selfish and this pet selfie calendar, I’d pick the calendar every time. You’re also giving the gift of hope, as a 2017 calendar means that 2016 is about to be behind us forever.

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