5 movies to watch over Thanksgiving break

Turkey & chill?

I don’t know about you guys but any holiday break for me means time to actually relax and splurge in some much-needed TV time! Especially if you’re a college student, you know the struggle of missing out on your favorite shows and before you know it you’re a season behind. Now that Thanksgiving is around the corner, here’s a short list of movies that will unite the family around pure awesomeness.

Independence Day

A timeless classic. And yes, it revolves around 4th of July but honestly, it’s perfect for any season. Action-packed with a dash of love stories, and comedic relief sporadically placed, makes this movie appropriate for any movie lover. An image Gif source

Literally any Disney Movie

There’s no shame in admitting there’s a child in all of us, so no matter if you decide on The Lion King, Coco or Toy Story (who else is excited for Toy Story 4?!), it’ll be a great choice- particularly for those with little rugrats running around. An image Gif source

Harry Potter Marathon

Honestly, is there ever a bad time to watch HP? The storyline, the lovable characters, the nostalgia, oh my! An image Gif source


If you come from a family that loves 90s action movies then Speed is just for you! An image Gif source


Nothing like bringing the family together like a good tearjerker and the infamous debate on whether Jack AND Rose could’ve survived had Jack been on the floating door. An image Gif source

Honorable mentions:

Scarface, Inception, Die Hard, Jurassic Park, Rush Hour, Any Marvel movie, LOTR, The Matrix

Now go on and pig out! May you be fully entertained during your glorious Thanksgiving break!

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