How To Survive Thanksgiving At Home

As much as you're probably looking forward to going home for the long holiday weekend and seeing your family again, once you're back it's a different story. The lack of college friends and college parties mixed with your family non-stop questioning you is enough to drive you mad. But don't worry, here's how to keep your cool this Thanksgiving and survive the holiday weekend!

1. Don't Revert

thanksgivingSurvival_3 Image source Being back under your mom and dad's roof and back in your old room can make it easy to go back to pouting when you don't get your own way or fighting with your siblings over the TV remote. But if you want to show that you're an adult now then you've got to prove it!

2. Do Your Own Laundry

thanksgivingSurvival_2 Image source Again, if you want to be seen as an adult the you're going to have to act like one. Which sadly, involves doing your own laundry. If you bring loads of laundry home with you for your mom to do then she's just going to treat you like a child still.

3. Master Changing The Subject

thanksgivingSurvival_1 Image source There may be some tricky subjects that come up and so you've got to become a wizard at changing the subject! Any questions about budgeting, your weight or your relationship status are probably best to be avoid!

4. Meet Up With Friends

thanksgivingSurvival_4 Image source If you're family (plus all the over-eating) get's too much for you then get out of the house and go and catch up with some of your old friends!

5. Don't Drop Bombshells

thanksgivingSurvival_5 Image source Obviously not literally kids. But Thanksgiving dinner probably isn't the best time to come out to your parents or to tell them you're dropping out of college. Save things like that for a less dramatic point in the weekend.

6. Laugh Through It

thanksgivingSurvival_6 Image source If all else fails, your sense of humour should help you survive the weekend!

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