5 lists you can make using Evernote

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Today on the UNiDAYS app we are giving away a free 6-month subscription to Evernote.

Now, we know it's summer so you aren't in classes taking notes every day, unless you're taking a summer class.... but regardless, that doesn't mean you don't need a tool to help you make lists and keep track of things.

If you need more proof that you should enter, here are 5 things you can use Evernote to make lists for.

1. Packing list

Hopefully you're going on at least ONE fun trip this summer, so make sure you remember everything and make a full detailed list on Evernote. If you aren't going on vacation, well first off I'm sorry, but you WILL need to make a list of stuff to pack when you go back to school eventually. Get a jump start on making that list now! An image gif source

2. Grocery list

Is one of your goals for the summer to save some money and eat healthier? Are you also like me, and when you go into a grocery store, you buy literally everything BUT the actual things you need? Well, don't let happen! Make a list on Evernote before you go to the store and stick to it! Your wallet and diet will thank you! An image gif source

3. Places you want to go

You're young. Do you know what you should do? Travel the world! Not sure where to start? Spin a globe and pick a spot! Then use Evernote to make a list of all the places you want to go to next. The world is huge, so get out there and see it! If you're not sure how you can afford it, we've got you. An image gif source

4. Movies you want to see

There are some great movies coming out this summer! If you're like me and have the memory of a goldfish, you need something to help you remember what movies you want to see! use Evernote to make that list and then check those movies off one by one! An image gif source

5. Your future children's names

Oh, this is just me that does that? An image gif source

Whatever you're going to use Evernote make sure to head over to our app today to enter the giveaway!

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