Easy Moving To College Checklist

Are you moving to college but have no idea what to pack apart from clothes? We feel ya. Packing up for a big move can be tough, but lucky for you we’ve put together a checklist of some of the essentials - you’ll be ready in no time!

Bedroom Essentials

- Bed Sheets

I don’t imagine it’s much fun trying to sleep without bed sheets or pillowcases. Plus, it’s so much nicer sleeping on your OWN bed sheets and pillowcases.

- Storage

You’re bound to need storage boxes and drawers for all your personal and study bits. Why not get some fold up storage boxes to save on the space? You’ve got to be savvy in this game!

- Accessories

Making your dorm room personal to you is an exciting part of moving to college. We’re crushing over these Stars, Stripes and Bricks Coasters and these Harry Love Coasters from Ript Apparel! Say goodbye to the dreaded coffee ring stain! section1

Kitchen Essentials

- Utensils

I’m talking knifes, forks, spoons, ladles, wooden spoons and so on. Make sure you’ve got everything with you that would normally be in your kitchen at home. I’m afraid plastic knifes and forks are just a no-no.

- Cookbook

You can be sure to whip up some treats using this Food and Life Cookbook from Club Monaco. Who said students could only eat noodles? Plus, don’t forget you can save 20% on this using your UNiDAYS discount! Winner. section2-2

- Cleaning Products

Make sure you’ve got a load of cleaning products to keep the kitchen squeaky clean. Remember to pack some hand wash for the sink too!

Desk Essentials

Of course, at college, you’re going to need lots of goodies for studying with. From pens to notebooks to bulletin boards, our girl Allie’s got it covered in her study essentials checklist post. Check it out!

Bathroom Essentials

- Towels

Similar to the bed sheets one, having your own towels is a must. You could also take some over-the-door hooks to hang your towels on after you’ve used them. Ain’t nobody got time for mould.

- Shower Caddy

Even if you can’t actually put the caddy in the shower, it will make life so much easier for you if you have all of your shower bits in one place, as you can literally just take the caddy to and from the bathroom. And, no-one will use your stuff either!


- Fan

Honestly, you’ll thank me for this. Taking a fan to college with you will be so handy on those stuffy nights where you’re literally melting. It may be a bit of a faff to lug around with you, but just think about that cool breeze!

- Passport

You never know if you’ll end up travelling whilst you’re at college, especially when you can get 10% off at Hotels.com using your UNiDAYS discount. Spontaneous break away? Hell to the yeah. But please remember to put your passport somewhere safe and memorable, it’s never much fun losing it! Hero Image

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