5 items everyone MUST HAVE this Summer


Technically Summer doesn't start until June 21st, but the weather certainly has other ideas. By now you're wondering where May went and have settled into that sweet Summer break-style of living. It doesn't matter if you've got a vacation planned or are spending the entire Summer working or in class... you're gonna need a few things to ensure the next few months are some of the best months of your life.

1. Shorts

You've been waiting all Winter to bust out your shorts, don't lie. These slim fit shorts from American Eagle come in 10 different colors so you're set no matter the situation. And let's be real, slim fit shorts are cooler than cargo shorts. Cargo shorts are STILL not in. I don't care WHAT anyone else says. With these high-rise cotton shorts from Urban Outfitters you can live out your 90s fueled fashion dreams. Throw on a tank and some hiking boots and you're practically Laura Dern from Jurassic Park. And let me just say... issa look.

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2. Swimwear

No matter where you live or how close you are to a body of water, somehow and someway you will find yourself invited to a party that requires a swimsuit. Tilly's has a number of board shorts that'll rock your world. I mean, just look at these Jaws themed shorts... okay, maybe they're just shark themed but they are certainly a conversation starter. I cannot stress just how in love I am with all the suits Aerie has been putting out lately. This lovely halter gives you the coverage you need in the sun yet also manages to stay very on trend. JUST LOOK AT IT! AND IT COMES IN OTHER COLORS!!

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3. Swag

You may be asking yourself why I'm referencing swag in 2018. And while it's a good question, it's one I'm going to ignore in order to show you the Kanken backpack from eBags. Summer means you're heading outside for long periods of time. Don't worry about toting your stuff around in this thing. It's stylish and can actually become a part of your outfit rather than detracting from it. Should the sun get TOO intense, you can always rely on the targeted protection stick from Clinique so you can avoid a sunglass tan (which, contrary to popular belief, is not cool).

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4. Sunglasses

In order to get the aforementioned sunglasses tan, one has to have sunglasses. That's where Oakley comes in with the Trillbe X. Not your style? That's fine, ASOS also has you covered (and gives you a chance to hop on the tiny sunglasses trend).

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5. Shoes

While Summer often calls for bare feet, there's still the "No shoes, no shirt, no service" policy across the country. Take things back in time with these classic Workout Plus sneakers from Reebok. Or party like it's 2018 (spoiler alert, it IS 2018... I'm just saying these are trendy) with the I-5923 sneakers from Adidas. You don't have to get the white ones but it IS after Memorial Day which means you can wear white shoes ALL. SUMMER. LONG.

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