4 thing you didn’t know Kaspersky Lab protected you from

The internet is the safest place in the world!

...Said literally no one ever.

You're in college. You have $43 in your checking and savings accounts COMBINED, you're very careful about ~sensitive~ photos, and the most sensitive information you have on your laptop is the secret wedding Pinterest board that you don't want your significant other to see. Why do you realistically need added security on your laptop? Isn't your password enough?

Not really. Here are some reasons you should take steps to keep your computer nice and safe using a program like Kaspersky Lab.

1. It keeps your passwords safe

Do you have a thousand different passwords that you can never remember? Let Kaspersky Lab help you keep track of all of them in one place. Instead of having to reset your password each time, and inevitably forgetting that one too, keep them all safe in Kaspersky Lab's Password Manager. It can even help you create passwords if need be!

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2. It prevents viruses on your computer

We’ve all had it happen before. We get a pop-up telling us that we can get an extension that will make your Mac work better. Well, sorry to tell you, but those are lies. They are not helping your Mac work better, they are just slowing it down. Kaspersky Lab is here to help with their virus removal tool. Just because it’s easy to remove, though, doesn’t mean you should keep downloading pop-ups!!

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3. For internet Security

The internet is both a magical and scary place. You can search for anything, buy just about anything, and do so many other things. Although that's all great, it also means that you are making yourself more vulnerable by putting out your personal information (such as a credit card when you buy something online). With Kaspersky Lab Internet Security, you can protect everything that you do on the internet. From protecting your money and bank account info, to downloading a meme from Twitter, they block all infected files.

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4. For... everything

When using the internet, EVERYTHING on your computer can be at risk to be stolen. Scary, right?! With Kaspersky Lab Security Cloud, you get everything covered. From getting personalized security alerts, to removing pop-ups, to protecting your credit card, to setting you up on a secure VPN... it's all possible by just downloading one app. So, like, why wouldn’t you?

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Whatever it is you're doing on your computer (we're not here to judge), you can never be too safe. Be super smart and win a free Kaspersky Lab 6 month subscription on the UNiDAYS app to keep all your devices safe!

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