You better tech yourself before you wreck yourself


Summer is heating up and when it comes to hotter temps what better way to spend the Summer than... inside?! Hear me out, spending time indoors can be great. Just look at the positives, you're always close to snacks AND you don't have to worry about heat stroke. PLUS you can spend all your time bingeing your favorite shows or scrolling through your favorite sites. If the indoors aren't really your thing, that's cool too (and there's tech for that as well). Don't believe me? Check out some of the best tech you can currently find through UNiDAYS.

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Laptops & tablets

If you're gonna stream Netflix all Summer, at least do it on something that has a quality screen. Nothing is worse than waiting for Netlfix to load only to barely be able to see it since you're watching it on a laptop that wasn't even yours to begin with and has gone through 8 years and 3 different owners before it got to you. If you're looking for a good deal but don't want to try your luck on a hand-me-down check out Alienware, Logitech, or Apple!

TV & audio

What are you going to be watching the World Cup final on? Your laptop?! I mean, it's an option but wouldn't you rather be watching it on a big screen (or at least a bigger screen than your laptop). Summer is all about living it up and inviting people over to see your sweet new screen. Not sure where to start or have always called your parents to see what kind of TV you should get? Then let me introduce you to Samsung and Panasonic.


I'm not talking about sunglasses or a new bag. I am talking about accessories to upgrade... basically any experience you plan on having this summer. Want to play music by the pool? An iPhone in a cup just isn't going to cut it no matter how genius of a hack. Take things up a notch with speakers from Ultimate Ears or show everyone just what they're missing when you film your vacation with your GoPro.

Cell phones

Phones are an important part of not only Summer but every day life. I can't tell you how many times I've felt "incomplete" due to the fact I didn't have my phone on me. As Lizzo once said, "Where the hell my phone, huh? How I'm 'posed to get home?" Well you don't have to wonder when you go with Tracfone or if you want something that'll take some of the best pics you've ever seen.... look into Samsung.


Software? In 2018? WHAT?! Go on, get your jokes out but you'll be thanking me that Summer 2018 was the year you decided to treat yo computer. Keep all your files safe from malware and viruses with Kaspersky Lab. Or, if you're worried about finding a job now that July is half over, maybe redo your resume with a FREE upgrade from Kickresume. Then again, if you don't give a f*ck about Summer coming to a close and have your eyes set on a much needed vacay.... may I suggest Rosetta Stone should you be going somewhere that you're not familiar with the local language.

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