3 outfits to wear to an interview

Preparing for interviews can be pretty difficult and stressful, not to mention getting the outfit right. It's important to make a good first impression, so the outfits gotta be right. If the business is corporate you'll need to mirror that by what you wear.... the same goes if the culture is relaxed.

Here are some different options you can go for depending on what the business is like.

1. Business formal

For a business that's corporate it's probably best to opt for something quite formal. A suit is a good option but don't be afraid to stray away from the standard monochrome attire. Why not give them something to remember by wearing a colored suit? Don't be scared to go for some color! For the formal look, I would definitely recommend wearing a dressier pair of shoes to complete the look. The sneakers will have to wait.

2. Business casual

For business casual you kind of need to make sure you're wearing a slightly less formal version of the business formal outfit. If you're wanting to wear dressy shoes your outfit could be a little more relaxed. The same goes if you want to wear sneakers. It's best to make sure your clothes are formal to make up for the relaxed shoe choice. The option below with an untucked shirt looks great paired with dark jeans and shoes.

3. Smart casual

If the company has all the chilled out vibes, you still want to look presentable but don't be afraid to wear some sneakers... if they're clean. A jumpsuit is a nice quirky option for this and will no doubt help you stand out from the crowd.

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