3 Job Hunting Confidence Boosts

Trying to find that all important internship or first job out of college is tough and you'll take a lot of knock backs along the way to finding your dream role. You shouldn't let this affect your confidence but if you're finding that you're feeling like you're losing your way during the whole process, remember these three things.

1. Stay Away From Negativity

If there's a person in your group of friends that happens to also be feeling unconfident or negative about their job hunting process, support them as much as you can but if you ever feel like it's dragging your confidence down, stay away. Surround yourself with positivity, your parents could be the best for this as they'll always be able to look on the bright side and will have a lot of life advice for you.

2. Be Prepared

It's easy to feel down about things if an interview has gone badly but did you do all you could to prepare for it? If the answer is no then you could be to blame. If you want to get the best job you can you're going to have to put some work in to get it. Check out our tips for interviews and the top 8 things that you need on your resume blog posts for some extra help!

3. Focus On Accomplishments

It's too easy to focus on negatives. Set yourself a challenge to write down some things you have achieved or accomplished. This could be long term things like you passed your exams or you got into the college you wanted or it could be from that day or that week. Remind yourself how great you are!

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