13 festival beauty looks that are about to blow up your Instagram

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     You know it's Spring once your Instagram feed floods with festival-inspired fashion & beauty. It's that Coachella time of year and even if you're enjoying more of a couch-ella situation, the dramatic festival looks of Spring are about to integrate themselves into our everyday lives. 

1. You pierced your WHAT?

If 2017 was the year of space buns, 2018 is going to be the year of pierced hair. Finally, a piercing that doesn't require long term commitment. Khaleesi braids will be everywhere this year so set yourself apart from the crowd w/ some hoops to up the drama. Complete the look with delicate curls made from ghd.

2. A sturdy foundation.

Just like your house, a solid foundation is everything. We know there's nothing particularly on-trend about a good foundation, but what we like about this Clinique beauty buy is that it's a concealer and a foundation IN ONE which means less steps for you. That's important because all of these other trends here are a little bit labor intensive.

3. Intricate eye candy

See what we mean? Labor intensive but WORTH IT! Rhinestones, sequins, and glitter are getting put to work this year and as a result, so are you. Sigma Beauty helps us up the eye candy drama.

4. Graffiti lips

If you're lucky enough to have big, beautiful lips, this trend is for you (even if you don't it's still for you, but I personally have thin lips and don't see how this would ever work on me). Lime Crime makes some pretty amazing long-lasting lipsticks in some pretty amazing shades, so take advantage of that student discount.

5. Khaleesi braids

It's honestly so offensive that GOT isn't coming back until 2019, but at least we have Khaleesi braids to get us through these times. Danny's always been #hairgoals but this past season was NEXT LEVEL. It's probably safe to say that the women of Coachella will be embracing these intricate braids the same way women flocked to their hairdressers in the '90s asking for "The Rachel".


Apparently looking wet in the face is a good thing now! This is great news for face-sweaters everywhere. Achieve the look with extra glossy lips and lids! Yes, that's right. You should always look dewy. Also, pack on that highlighter, girl. Strobing isn't going anywhere any time soon. We're super into Too Faced and Lime Crime for all things glossy and highlighted.

7. Rose gold hair

Rose gold continues to take over. First it was your jewelry, then your iPhone, then your nails... but we've really taken it to the next level here. Lime Crime makes some amazing, cruelty-free, hair dye (UNICORN HAIR 4E) and finding the perfect shade of rose gold will be easy as pie. It's a color that flatters most skin tones (unless you have pink undertones) and is guaranteed to give you Insta pics that'll break the internet.

8. Color block eye shadow

I always fall into a makeup rut after winter. I'm hitting tin on all of my Earth toned palettes. FINALLY, we get to have a little fun with our makeup again. This time, in the form of COLOR BLOCKING EYE SHADOW. Find a color combo that works for you, the brighter the better when it comes to standing out at Coachella. We love our Sigma Beauty eyeshadow palettes for crazy cool, super blendable and fun shades.

9. Sunset eyes

When we think Coachella, we think of a beautiful, colorful sky, with the sun setting just behind their trademark ferris wheel. Recreate the look on your lids.

10. Metallic/glitter brows

We told you glitter would be working overtime this season. Having a great set of lush brows isn't enough anymore. Now it's all about having brows that SPARKLE. As they should, quite honestly. We're into this look presented by ASOS.

11. Under eye accents

These days you'll need more than just concealer to cover up your under eye circles.

12. Glitter lips

MORE GLITTER! This is one fun look that works for everyone! It's also one of the easiest trends on this list to replicate. Get the look with MAC.

13. Confetti everything

Dots might be frowned upon on RuPaul's Drag Race this season (get it together, Dusty), but we're loving the dotty-look of this confetti makeup. Get ready to take this trend by confetti storm. ASOS has a pretty stacked beauty section these days, so add some makeup to your cart next time you're there to stay ahead of the confetti curve.

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