19 Coachella acts to get excited for


It's that time of year again. Whether you're actually headed to Indio this weekend or simply sitting on your couch streaming the festival, you're ABSOLUTELY pumped about the lineup. Alright.... maybe you're not pumped for everyone but you have to have at least some sort of feelings either way? Perhaps you're jealous and are gearing up for the inevitable FOMO all your friends instas are gonna give you. If you aren't already excited, below are 19 Coachella acts you (should) be excited for:

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1. Beyoncé

Originally slated to perform at Coachella 2017, Beyoncé had to cancel (and was replaced by Lady Gaga) due to concerns around her pregnancy. Now she's back and with murmurs of new music in the works, it's going to be a show no one will forget.

2. The Weeknd

God I love The Weeknd. Am I bummed I'm missing Coachella and therefore him? Hell yes. That doesn't mean I'm any less excited. I saw him at Austin City Limits a couple years back and it was an absolute experience. If anything the new (Selena?) diss tracks are what dreams are made of.

3. Eminem

If the lyrics to Lose Yourself don't immediately come to your mind when you hear the name Eminem, then you're just lying to yourself. Still a major player in the rap game, it'll be interesting to see how the show goes doen.

4. SZA

SZA is killing it atm. Fresh off her f*cking fantastic collaborations with Kendrick Lamar, Maroon 5, and Cardi B (plus her many Grammy nominations), she's here to show she means business. One of the hottest new artists, put anything by her on repeat and let your excitement build.

5. Kygo

Jeg elsker Kygo, jeg synes han er helt fantastisk. Basically, I love (Norwegian DJ) Kygo and think he's AMAZING! Almost everything he touches turns to gold and he has had some of the sickest collaborations over the past few years (including OneRepublic, Miguel, and Selena Gomez).


You will never have as much fun as the Haim sisters do at a HAIM show. Considered part of Taylor Swift's squad, the sisters have made a name for themselves with songs like The Wire and Want You Back. If you're going to get excited about anything, get excited over the fact you'll get to see their shenanigans on stage and maybe even catch a drumstick thrown into the crowd (much like I did the last time I saw them live).

7. Tyler the Creator

After making his debut in 2009, Tyler the Creator has consistently churned out music that this generation can relate to. Not a stranger to controversies and scandal, just seeing him live (after being banned from festivals in the UK) is more than enough to be amped up for.

8. Migos

The trio (much like Tyler the Creator) are also not shy to controversy and scandal. That being said, their music is straight fire. 2017-2018 seems to be their year with hits like MotorSport and Stir Fry almost guaranteed to make an appearance during their set at Coachella.

9. Portugal. The Man

Signed in 2010 (and around long before that) Portugal. The Man isn't actually a person but a group. Granted, this is something I clearly should've realized ages ago but I'm a little late to the game here. Hot off their Grammy win and hit song Feel it Still, the group is sure to be at their peak during Coachella.

10. Cardi B

Will she have to back out like Beyoncé? That's still to be seen. After her recent performance at SNL, it's highly likely that unlike Beyoncé she'll be able to perform. Much like Offset, Cardi B is having a KILLER year and a 2018 Coachella without her just wouldn't be the same.

11. Miguel

A featured voice for years, Miguel can certainly hold his own. California is hot and Miguel is even hotter so cross your fingers that he'll appear shirtless at some point during his set. If that doesn't happen, you can at least comfort yourself with the sound of his amazing voice.

13. Post Malone

So I know I've said it at least a million times during this article but... Post Malone is having a killer year. I mean, come on, if they weren't having a killer year (or aren't a throwback) why would they even be at Coachella? You too will feel just like a rockstar as you wave your hands in the air.

14. St. Vincent

Indie rocker (and one time Cara Delevigne and Kristen Stewart girlfriend) St. Vincent has been slaying the music game since 2007. Well known for her aesthetic and unique sound, when you go to a St. Vincent show... you know you won't be disappointed.

15. Jamiroquai

Let the nostalgia sink in as Jamiroquai is making an appearance at Coachella. The 90s are back both in sound and style so if anything, get excited about just how legit your throwback can actually get with them.


If you shopped at a department store in 2015, you ABSOLUTELY heard Electric Love (and were probably surprised at what the artist looked like when you eventually googled him). Often referenced as "what Harry Styles thinks he looks like", he recently collaborated with Lana Del Rey and has a sound all his own. This is, once again, an act I'm very jealous that I'm not seeing live.

17. Vance Joy

I love Vance Joy with all my heart. The hot aussie won us all with Mess is Mine and since then has been continuously winning us over with each new release. He started his career doing covers of songs but has since released his own music (obviously).

18. Fleet Foxes

Another indie (although by now considered mainstream) entry, Fleet Foxes came to prominence in 2008. One of their most popular songs. White Winter Hymnal was the first single from their debut album. They went on hiatus in 2014 but came back with new music in late 2017 so yeah... get motherf*cking excited!

19. Chromeo

Canada is known for many things... electro-funk is not one of those things. That hasn't stopped duo Chromeo from continuing to produce music (and a couple hits) since 2002. Reminiscent of Hall & Oates, you can't help but smile when listening to their music.

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