10 YouTubers You NEED To Be Watching

Me at 7 PM, "I'll watch one YouTube video"

Me at 3 AM, *still watching YouTube videos*

If you’re anything like me, you’ve gone through a few too many nights of watching YouTube videos until three in the morning. If you’re sick and tired of watching the same YouTubers you’ve been watching for years or the same ones everyone else watches, here are my top ten Youtubers that I think you should be watching right now.

10. Engaged With JoJo and Jordan

If you love the Bachelor franchise as much as I do, this is the channel for you. They sit down and talk about everything from their time on the Bachelorette to their house renovations to hair tutorials by Jordan. Unfortunately, they’ve been taking a little break from filming because of a new project they’ve been working on...they’re having their own house flipping show! “Cash Pad” will premiere July 25 on NBC.

9. Jordan Matter

If you’re interested in dance, even just a little bit, Jordan Matter is a must watch. His famous “10 Minute Photo Challenge” is amazing, funny and so much fun to watch. He’s worked with America’s Got Talent contestant Sophie Dossi and World of Dance contestants Sean and Kaycee. Not only is he an insanely good photographer, he’s hilarious and keeps you entertained throughout all of his videos.

8. Megan Batoon

Megan Batoon is the Youtuber you’ve been asking for. She’s funny, relatable and something a little different. She’s 100% honest, and it’s obvious she loves what she’s doing. I love a Youtuber I can laugh with when they screw up instead of one who is always picture perfect. Megan is also an extraordinar hip hop dancer and occasionally posts dance videos.

7. Aspyn Ovard

Honestly, I wish I could be Aspyn Ovard. She’s living the dream life with her husband, dog and their baby on the way! If you love fashion, shopping and hauls, this is the channel for you. If you also love to watch cute married couples, you’ll love her videos with her husband Parker Ferris. She’s also trying all of the brands you’re too scared to try, so you don’t have to risk it (I’m talking about you, Romwe and Zaful!).

6. Josh Peck

Hello, childhood! Josh Peck is back and better than ever as one of the newer members of the Vlog Squad, and he now has a wife and a baby boy! His specialty is Mukbangs with just about every member of the Vlog Squad. If you ever want to feel like you’re sitting down and having a meal with Josh Peck, David Dobrik and Jason Nash, this is the channel for you.

5. Jennxpenn

Jenn McAllister was one of the first Youtubers I actually started watching regularly. My favorite of hers right now is the Episode series. We’ve all seen the ads pop of the “choose your own adventure” series, and Jenn does it all for us. She’s seventeen chapters in, and her commentary on the ridiculous storylines has to be the funniest thing on Youtube right now.

4. Kristen McAtee

Kristen McAtee is the perfect Youtuber to watch if you love cooking videos but are sick of the same ones over and over again of just people making a recipe. Kristen usually does a challenge with every cooking video, and they always seem to turn out delicious. My mouth is watering just thinking about some of the recipes she’s whipped up without too much of a thought.

3. Chloe Lukasiak

Dance Moms fans, here she is! Chloe was my favorite on Dance Moms, so it only makes sense that I watch her Youtube channel religiously. She has vlogs, makeup and hair tutorials, closet tours and she even has a few Dance Moms videos on there!

2. Mr. Kate

Just like everyone else right now, I love all of the house decorating and house flipping videos going on right now, but Mr. Kate is my favorite by far. Kate and her husband Joey (and their newborn son, Moon!) take over Youtubers houses or rooms on their series “OMG We’re Coming Over”. Watching the cutest couple on Youtube decorate Liza Koshy’s office space? Sign me up.

1. Carly and Erin

Last, and certainly not least, Carly and Erin are my most favorite Youtubers right now. They’ve recently really stepped up their game and are posting the best videos I’ve seen in a while. They’re structured but also very carefree. They post vlogs, challenges and, their specialty, Vlog Squad Gossip. They are so underrated, so relatable and super close to a million subscribers! They also post three times a week, so you’ll always get your dose of Carly and Erin.

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