Top 10 College Surviving Apps

While living with your best friends, eating from an endless buffet with the swipe of a card, and staying up all night (studying/partying/Netflixing/chilling) are the cornerstones of college life - it can't all be fun and games. Strike the balance between your course load and your social life with our roundup of college-essential apps. Plus, don't forget that you can save up to $200 on the Apple Store for Education (this includes iPads!)


There are no shortage of apps that claim to be your new note-taking BFF but we've found that you really can't go wrong with Evernote. Not only can you scribble all over PDF documents like you would your own textbook, it flawlessly shares info across all of your devices, lets you record voice memos, and is compatible with AirPlay.


Ah, the dreaded 'Freshman Fifteen'. They're real. Using an app like MyFitnessPal can help you easily track what you're eating and drinking with as much effort as it takes to send that tweet. With tons of fitness ideas, exercises, healthy recipes and a vast database of foods at your fingertips, you can keep your late night pizza intake and Saturday brunch binges in-check while also supporting friends in their healthy-living efforts. Everyone wins.


If you're anything like me, you worked all summer waiting tables to try and put some money away for the semester, only to see your money-making efforts squandered away in the first month. Oops! It's time to get serious about how you handle your money. Mint helps you create a budget you can actually stick to by looking at your current spending patterns. Whether you're on a work-study plan or if Mom and Dad are bankrolling you - they'll be pleased to see you're taking your finances seriously.

Push for Pizza

The trouble with school cafeterias is that they generally aren't open when you're studying late-night and looking for a little pizza-fueled inspiration. That's where Push for Pizza comes in handy. It saves you the trouble of scrolling through endless pizza places on Seamless and lets you push a single button for pizza delivery. This is clearly a first-world problem, but it's also clearly a genius concept.

The Skimm

So The Skimm isn't so much an app as it is a daily e-newsletter, but hear me out. It's really hard to keep up with the news while living in "the bubble" that is college. If it's not happening within the walls of the quad, you probably have no idea what's happening. The Skimm takes today's top headlines and gives you one hilarious, relatable, and easy-to-read article every morning.


Pay your friends on the fly using Venmo. Never hold grudges again.

Sleep If U Can

Let's be real for a second, you're spending a LOT of money to attend classes at your school and you might not always get your dream schedule. Deemed "the worlds most annoying alarm clock", there are only 2 options when it comes to shutting Sleep If U Can up. Shake your phone or go to the place shown on the screen (i.e. bathroom sink) and take a picture. Never miss that 8am Friday class again.

Circle Of 6

Safety first! Living in a new city can be scary but sometimes crossing campus late at night can be just as chilling. Circle Of 6 actually won the White House's 'Apps Against Abuse' challenge, and it helps you stay safe by connecting you with 6 trusted contacts at all times. It uses a pre-programmed "come and get me" message, syncs with your GPS location and makes calling emergency numbers easy and discreet.


The internet is a vast, infinitely amusing place. This is never more clear than when you're trying to study. SelfControl lets you add websites to a "blacklist" for a designated period of time so that you can stop yourself from falling down a Reddit rabbit hole.


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