10 TV best friends that we all dreamed of having

Warning: Spoiler Alert

While we may roll our eyes over plots that are driven because of miscommunication between characters, it is wholesome friendships that we always melt over. There is just something so sweet and comforting in hearing two friends say their catchphrase or do their “thing.” It is also these things that bring tears to our eyes knowing that they’ll be doing that for the last time in the finale.

Here are 10 TV best friends that we all dreamed of having:

1. Meredith and Christina - Grey’s Anatomy

Right from the beginning, there was just something so right about these two. This iconic duo also coined the famous “You’re my person” phrase. The whole dancing when you have problems and stopping each other from getting “dark and twisty” are still friendship goals in our list. We know how hard it is to find “your person” which is why this story hit on new levels with everyone that watched the show. An image gif source

2. Joey and Chandler- F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Let’s face it, everyone on this show was friendship goals. However, if we had to choose, our favorite duo was “J-man and Channy” or “Chanoey.” Chandler and Joey had a special bond which really shined through as the series went on. Whether it was Joey ordering the Joey special (two pizzas) for their last night as roommates, Chandler playing (and inventing) CUPS so Joey could pay rent, watching Baywatch together or even doing the “ahhhhhs and ohhhhhs” when they sat on their barcaloungers. Every second these two made us fall in love with a friendship so pure and fun. We know you were touched too when Monica and Chandler bought a house with a room for Joey to grow old in. An image gif source

3. House and Wilson- House M.D.

House and Wilson are the perfect example of two people who are complete opposites coming together to form an amazing friendship that we craved. Wilson’s mellowness was the perfect balance to House’s craziness. Their friendship also included grand (and sometimes slightly criminal) gestures that showed us just how much they cared for each other. These gestures include Wilson taking the fall for forged prescriptions to save House and House leaving it all behind for Wilson when he had cancer even while House was on probation. In these moments, we knew they would do it all over again for each other. An image gif source

4. Marshall and Ted- How I Met Your Mother

If we keep aside the ending of the show that has divided fans for years, we know that Marshall and Ted’s friendship was one of the best things to come out of this show. Not only did we get amazing third wheel Halloween costume ideas from this show (remember salt, pepper, and cumin?), but we also understood the definition of loyalty. Every time that Barney said that “as your best friend Ted…”, Ted correcting him every single time saying that “Marshall is his best friend” had us wanting a friend that had our back too. Their iconic road trips that included their favorite energy drink “Tantrum” and the “I would walk 500 miles” song on repeat for hours and hours and hours had us planning our road trips too. An image gif source

5. Shawn and Gus- Psych

“Come on son” Whether it comes to the endless names that Shawn gave Gus when he introduced him to someone or the phrase that every Psych-lover now uses on a daily basis (singing “suck it” is way more fun when it is with your best friend). This friendship made us believe that we could do anything as long as we had our best friend by our side such as running a fake company. An image gif source

6. Dwight and Pam- The Office (US)

Yeah. You’re right. Michael and Dwight were friendship goals until the very end, but most people fail to see the connection between Dwight and Pam that show how good of a friendship they really had. We all remember when Pam was crying and Dwight comes up to her and says “who did this to you?” and we all related because we want someone who protects us like this. An image gif source

7. Chuck and Morgan- Chuck

There is just something so endearing about the way these two supported and trusted each other. Chuck trusted Morgan enough to tell him his greatest secret ever and no matter how much Chuck beat himself down, it was Morgan who knew his worth and always made sure to remind him of how awesome he was. We also loved that Morgan hated Bryce so much even though he had never met him just because he got Chuck kicked out of Standford. Hating someone you’ve never met just because your best friend does? Now that’s friendship. An image gif source

8. Jasper and Monty- The 100

Before Jasper went all dark after Maya’s death, these two really showed us what it would be like if you were stranded on a desert island with your best friend. The fact that they both thought they were losers made them come even closer during the first couple of seasons. We saw them fight and that almost hurt us more than any break up. Every time they did their little high-five, we fell in love with this duo a little more. An image gif source

9. Max and Caroline- 2 Broke Girls

Yet another example of a perfectly balanced friendship. Caroline’s over-the-top drama and excitement about everything was balanced with Max’s chill and no-cares-given attitude. We also knew that these two supported each other till the very end as they actually did make it after so many seasons of failing. We could literally feel the excitement that Caroline had when Max got engaged because she genuinely was over-the-top excited for her best friend. An image gif source

10. DJ and Kimmy- Full House/Fuller House

We can’t talk about best friends and not talk about the pair that has been setting friendship goals before it was even a thing. We knew right from the beginning that Kimmy’s weirdness was here to stay and DJ’s saneness was what made them so special. Even after years, they reprised their roles as best friends on Fuller House to show us that friendships can actually last a lifetime. An image gif source

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