10 Holiday beauty musts

Now that you have the perfect dress for your holiday party, let’s talk about all things beauty! Dashing through the snow can really wreak havoc on your hair and skin, but you’re not about to miss the festivities just because you’re looking like Rudolph meets the Grinch That Stole Christmas.

Here are the top 10 beauty essentials you’ll need to get through holiday party season:

1. Ampoule animal face masks

Winter winds and plummeting temperatures have the most insane drying effects on your skin. The night before your party, take a timeout for yourself and relax with an Ampoule Juice Animal Mask. Not only will you look absolutely ridiculous (read: adorable), but with options like soothing, moisturizing and firming, you can zone in on your problem and remedy! Get ready to have everyone at the party wonder why they’re flaking and you’re glowing. Pro-tip: Yes, your boyfriend wants to do one too, even if he says he doesn’t want to.

Ampoule Animal Face Masks

2. Charcoal konjac sponge

Charcoal isn’t just for those on the naughty list! Prep skin for moisturizer and party makeup with the help of Julep’s super gentle, all-natural exfoliating Charcoal Konjac Sponge. Charcoal is a powerful natural ingredient that cleanses, exfoliates and detoxifies your skin. If you’ve got sensitive skin, try using it all over your body; it soothes even our reddest and angriest skin.

3. Best of Sigma brush set

Even if you’re using the best, most expensive makeup in the game, if your brushes are garbage, your makeup will also look like garbage. Festive holiday looks will likely require a bit more experimenting than your day-to-day, so it’s important to make sure you own all of the right tools to achieve the looks you’ve spotted on your favorite Youtube tutorials. We like the Best of Sigma Brush Set because they’re built to last and the bristles maintain their shape no matter how many times we wash them.

Sigma Brush Set & Konjac Sponge

4. ghd CURVE classic wave wand

Finding the perfect wand is a little like shopping at Ollivander’s (is that an OK Harry Potter reference to make? Do you get it?). Much like the wand shop in the Harry Potter universe, at ghd, the right wand finds you. This holiday season, we’re after the glamour of old-Hollywood waves, and nothing gets the job done quite like the 1”-1 ½” barrel of the CURVE Classic Wave Wand. Gently brush through with a paddle brush after you’ve curled your whole head and finish off with a smooth & finish serum.

ghd wand

5. Prestige Brow Studio

There’s really no denying that we’re a bunch of brow snobs, and we’re not sorry. Eyebrows are the new window to the soul; a good pair of brows can transform your entire face (alternatively… so can a bad pair). We like a bold brow because there aren’t enough hours in the day to attend all of our holiday parties AND pluck our eyebrows into the perfect shape every time. Create a look you love and fill in the gaps with Prestige Beauty’s Brow Studio. Some of the most valuable advice we received in 2016 is that your brows are sisters, not twins, so spread that around like Christmas cheer.

6. Julep’s If Looks Could Thrill Eyeliner

Glitter gets a bad rap, but it’s come back in 2016 in a big way. Julep’s If Looks Could Thrill Eyeliner Trio is the perfect way to cash in on the trend without committing to a full glitter lip (even though we’re pretty into that look, too). Mix and match from the collection (we <3 the Black and Gold Chameleon) by swiping a straight line across your top lash line.

An image

7. Zoya’s Enchanted Holiday 2016 collection

Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?! While the holiday season always has us reaching for a merry and bright red that pops against our dark winter palette, Zoya’s Enchanted Holiday 2016 Collection is where it’s at, even sans a true red. Between the PixieDust Matte Sparkle formulas (we’re partial to Lorna and Elphie) and the spellbinding color-flip metallics, we’re excited to pick a different manicure color for each and every memorable event.

8. Total matte lip crayon

It’s hard to imagine a world where we didn’t leave the house without a bold statement lip on a night out, and this holiday season is no different. Much like our nails, we tend to reach for a rougey red when we think holiday party, but there’s too much fun to be had with purples and browns these days to let red steal all of the thunder (or, idk, blizzard?). We love a matte lip, but it tends to be overly drying. These ultra-creamy, high pigmented lip crayons are great because they give full coverage and lasting color while protecting your lips from that winter weather we keep going on about. Pro top: They can double up as a cream blush for your cheeks.

An image

9. Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum

Burberry Brit always gives us the warm and fuzzy feelings of sugar and spice and everything nice. The perfume selection at Pharmapacks is actually insane, so picking our perfect holiday scent was tricky. With notes of peony, nuts and fruit intensified by warm amber and vanilla, it’s reminiscent of the holiday season without being too on the nose.

10. 1-Day Acuvue Moist 90 pack

We hate to feed into the classic “Girl-Removes-Glasses-And-Is-Suddenly-Beautiful” moment featured in literally every 90’s/00’s teen movie, but we’ve also kind of been dreaming for a moment like that since we first saw She’s All That. Leave your glasses at home for the night, they make it hard to dance anyway. We’re a big fan of the 1-Day Acuvue Moist, mostly because we’re not always sure we’ll end up sleeping at home. Christmas parties get pretty turnt and disposable contacts are a #blessing.

An image

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