Zumba: The Perfect Summer Job?

Here comes another UNiDAYS® Interview with University of Delaware's Jen Wright. She is president of the UoD Zumba club and the best person to tell us all about how awesome Zumba is. You can grab 15% off instructor training with your UNiDAYS® discount so, get moving!

UNiDAYS: Why did you decide to become a Zumba instructor?

The first full Zumba class I ever took was the first day of my freshman year of college and I instantly fell in love! At that time, the Zumba Club at the University of Delaware hosted 5 free Zumba classes a week for students and I attended every class and soon became a front row diva. My instructors began to notice me in class and invited me up to the front to “instruct” songs with them and encouraged me to get certified. Over winter break of my freshman year I became a certified Zumba instructor and have been dedicated to the amazing workout and Zumba family ever since. ‌

UNiDAYS: Do you think being a Zumba instructor is the perfect summer job for college students?

Being a Zumba instructor is a great summer job for those who have a love for Zumba! Gyms tend to recruit more instructors and add extra Zumba classes to their schedules during the summer, so it is a great time to get accepted at a local gym! Also, for those who already teach classes during the school year, the summer is a great time to add a few more classes a week to your teaching schedule, since you don't have to worry about studying. Teaching over the summer helps keep you in shape while making some extra money which all college students could use. ‌

UNiDAYS: What's your college major?

I am a senior studying marine biology at the University of Delaware. I also have a minor in Spanish, and love listening to Latin-style music, which is another reason I fell in love with Zumba. I have been a dancer since I was little and Zumba is a great way for me to continue to dance while having fun and getting a great workout!

UNiDAYS: Would you recommend being a Zumba instructor to other college students? If yes, why?

I would definitely recommend that other college students consider attending Zumba classes and becoming certified! Taking Zumba classes is a great way to stay healthy and destress from all of the school work, and becoming an instructor is a great way to turn an exercise and hobby into a part-time job. Through teaching for the Zumba Club at the University of Delaware, we are able to reimburse our instructors for their monthly ZIN fees. There are also many local gyms as well as university gyms that hire students to teach Zumba classes. It doesn’t require a huge time commitment, and it’s a great way to earn some money while getting a workout and, best of all, meeting new friends!

UNiDAYS: What’s your favorite move to use in your Zumba classes?

I love combining different dance styles in my songs so that students can actually learn different beginner steps for dances through my Zumba classes. Aside from that, I love to walk forward 4 and back 4 because it is an easy move that everyone can do and students get to “strut their stuff” and it gives the class high energy! ‌

UNiDAYS: Is there a particular song you love to feature in your Zumba classes?

I am a HUGE Pitbull fan and most of his songs are very well received in my classes. My two current class favorites are Shake by Pitbull featuring Ying Yang Twins and Lose Control by Missy Elliott. Most students know some of the words to these songs so they get excited to sing and dance along!

UNiDAYS: What is the best thing about Zumba?

By far the best thing about Zumba is the Zumba community and family that comes with it. Through the Zumba Club at the University of Delaware, I have made many great and long lasting friendships. These friendships now extend beyond the university, and I have made a network of friends in the local area just based on our mutual love for Zumba and the energy that it brings (the great music and fun workout are definitely benefits to Zumba as well)! Check out the University of Delaware Zumba Club on Facebook and Instagram! Zumba

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