With End Game, is she now your first string?

At midnight, Taylor dropped the video for End Game. I've been a fan of Reputation since I first heard Look What You Made Me Do so needless to say, I was PUMPED for the video. Future on feature? Ed Sheeran RAPPING?! Sign me up and sign me up quickly. I wasn't alone in my excitement. The Internet was quick to analyze the video in its entirety (pointing out that she partied all over the world but ended up in London on NYE.... which is where her ~boyfriend~ Joe is from). The following are 13 of the best reactions Twitter had to End Game:

1. When Taylor embodied us all.

2. When their friendship was THE cutest.

3. When she took the hate and owned it.

4. When she gave 0 f*cks.

5. When she wasn't feeling 22.

6. When the glo up was real.

7. When she got you thinking.

8. When she nailed the two moods of 2018.

9. When she wasn't afraid to be herself.

10. When you just wanted to party with Tay Tay.

11. When you were both Taylor AND the bartender.

12. When she couldn't help herself and you weren't mad at it.

13. When 2018 seemed like it wouldn't be garbage after all.

Watch for yourself. What did you think?

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