Why the Incredibles 2 is made for us, not kids

It's almost upon us. June 15th sees the release, almost a decade and a half after its predecessor, of the Incredibles 2. We’re all absolutely pumped to head to the movies and take it all in. Those of us who were around for the release of the first film know how lauded over the film was and how relevant it is, even after all these years later. Because of this, here are five reasons that the release of the Incredibles 2 is for us rather than little kids.

They’ve had us wait 14 years

When the first Incredibles came out, most of us were running around the playground, planning our best outfits for the next school dance. We were all very excited when it came out and really wanted to see more. But they’ve left us all to grow up and enter the real world before indulging us again. It goes without saying this we’re long overdue for a reintroduction.

Have our favourite superhero family changed much?

It's been a long time since we saw the family, yet from the trailers released, they all seem a similar age to the first film. Nonetheless, we’re all really interested to see what’s changed in the Incredible household and where they’re all at now. Looking again at the new trailer, it seems things have changed not only for Elastagirl, but for the image of superheroes in general. I, for one, cannot wait to see how this plays out.

We’ve missed the comedy

The Incredibles was always witty and had many of us in hysterics as children, it never let us down when it came to combining the serious plot with the entertaining comedy, which made it such a hit. Holly Hunter, who played Elastagirl, and Samuel L. Jackson, who brought us the hilarious Frozone, always had me in hysterics and it's only a great thing that they’re back on screen for us all.

A large dose of nostalgia

We all long for moments like this, when something from out childhood is brought back and developed into something that not only looks better but can potentially rival the first in terms of entertainment value. It's impressive how good the new Incredibles film looks. This will only aid in helping those who’ve really missed the franchise get back into the film they loved when they were young.

We need to see how the new villain challenges the Incredibles

Syndrome was amazing, a well-made villain who provided a stern test for the family and has long been recognized as one of the best-animated villains ever. It serves as one of the major challenges of the new film to thrill and scare us with the new villain, the Screen slaver. If he can rival Syndrome then the film will have an A grade villain which will only serve to better the sequel.

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