Why is Billie Eilish Our Next Idol

Unless you disconnected from the modern world and live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Billie Eilish.

She is sweeping the nation with her music, and I believe she is very much our next idol for several different reasons.

1. She’s Only 17

Billie was born December 18, 2001. The first single she released was called “Ocean Eyes” and was originally written for the band her brother, Finneas, was in. In 2016 was when she released the song on her SoundCloud, and went viral. Currently, her career is thriving. She has been on several talk shows, been on tour in the US and Europe, has released her first album, and is already performing at Coachella. An image gif source

2. Non-Gender Conforming Fashion Style

If you’ve seen Billie Eilish, you’ll know that her fashion style is unique. Her style can be described as oversized, bold, and laidback. Whether it’s Cargo shorts that go under the knee, T-shirts that hide her elbows, and shoes that get a quite amount of hate, than you’ll probably see Billie Eilish wearing them, especially if they are Gucci or Louis Vuitton. An image gif source

3. Her Genre of Music is More than Just Pop

Everyone knows Britney Spears, Ariana Grande are pop music queens nowadays. Their music is upbeat and electric but they don’t sound like the type of music that Billie Eilish sings. Billie Eilish has elements of pop, but in a dark or nightmare type of context. In her music videos, you can find her with tarantulas in her mouth, spiders in her head, black goo running from her eyes, and even rid0ing red tricycles. Her music is not easy to define, and that’s what makes her great. An image gif source

4. She Writes her Own Music

All of the songs that Billie Eilish has released have either been written by her or her brother Finneas. She even carries a journal where all her music and ideas are written down. Knowing that, her lyrics are profound and meaningful. Each of her songs carry a meaning behind them that many people can relate to. An image gif source

5. Her Personality is Contagious

With stardom and fame comes endless talk shows, videos, and interviews. If you’ve seen Billie Eilish at a concert or YouTube video, you can see that she is very goofy and quirky. She laughs with sincerity and very honest in front of cameras. It’s hard not to like someone who just wants to make you feel good as a person and just wants to have fun. An image gif source

Billie Eilish has many more talents and skills that should make her stand out from other artist, but this list is enough to show she is an idol. Her album is “When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go” should further prove what she can do and her online interviews for back up.

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