What to wear if you're a date to a Sorority formal

Where do I even start?

Shopping for big events like formals, weddings, and job interviews is an absolute nightmare. Not only do we not know where to start, but our Mom always wants to get involved. You know the girl you’re with is going to look amazing, so the pressure is on to show up looking dapper AF.

If you’re stuck on what to wear to your date’s formal, here are some options by some of our favorite trusted brands (oh, also, they’re all #STUDENTDISCOUNT friendly).

French Connection

Don't be afraid to rumple your look up a little bit, like this guy’s partially unbuttoned and untucked band-collar shirt with a navy cotton suit.

Perry Ellis

If you're keeping it formal, go all the way but don't go too far. Accessorizing with a pocket square (patterned if your tie is solid but in the same color family, solid and matching your shirt if your tie is doing the talking), a tie bar, and a watch would be enough.

Club Monaco

If you're in a warm weather climate, a linen suit would be a cool choice that you can dress up and down. The wrinkly texture of Linen makes it a more casual choice, but you can still wear a shirt and tie and dress shoes and not look out of place. Or fuck the conventional rules and throw the suit on over a crewneck sweater and sneakers (monochrome would be amazing here if you're feeling bold) and call it a day. You'll look more on-trend than the guys in their 3 button blazers, pants that pool to the floor, and Dad's wide silk tie.

Moss Bros.

I love this look. Keep everything in the same color family, lose the jacket (you're going to take it off almost immediately anyway) and punch the look up with awesome suspenders. Sledgehammer not included.


This is not for the faint of heart in any way, but it's still very damn cool and if you're up the challenge, I'd dare you to try. This look can be simplified by removing the tie or choosing a solid black tie and replacing the Chuck Taylors the model is wearing with a black lace-up dress shoe.

I think the important thing to consider is that even the guys can have fun dressing up and that rules were meant to be broken. There are pieces of conventional wisdom about fit and cut and color matching that make sense and should be considered, but fly your own flag and let your personality shine through the monotony of Men's Wearhouse suits and patterned silk ties.

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