70 thoughts you have while studying at the library

  1. I'ma get sooo much done today! Get me that 3.5 GPA, baby.

  2. Just got to find a desk, get set up and then it’s “Take that, ‘Artistic movements of 15th Century Florence’ module!”

  3. Why are all the desks taken? I’m here so early, you should be able to get a desk at 1.30pm?

  4. OK that guy is legit asleep on the one by the window so I’m just gonna...slide...in...here...yes! The desk is mine.

  5. Sorrynotsorry Sleepy Steve

  6. OK - got my Starbies, laptop on, notebook open, pen - pen? PEN. WHO COMES TO THE LIBRARY WITHOUT A PEN? Studying fail

  7. This is a nice seat, I can see right over the campus. It is not fair that the sun has come out just as I sit down.

  8. Thanks for teasing me, Sun. I wish I was at the beach.

  9. There are so many people here that I kinda recognise from frat parties, awkward

  10. Just going to Snapchat a revision selfie real quick: That library lyf. Dog filter, obviously.

  11. I’m hilarious.

  12. Classical music to help me concentrate, that’s what I need...

  13. Maybe just a couple party tunes first

  14. Ah! Thank you Apple Music, my saviour with a concentration playlist - sorted

  15. Is this...whale song?

  16. Let’s search for the list of books I need on the system. Checked out...checked out...checked out...checked out...


  18. There’s like, 300 people on my course, why would they have only one of each book?!

  19. What kind of library Hunger Games is this?!

  20. The book should be right here, why is it NOT here?

  21. Oh wrong shelf, I’ve got to go...downstairs?! Buuuuuh

  22. Finally - ooh this book is so old, it has that gross-but-kinda-nice old book smell

  23. Loooooool someone drew a penis in chapter 12

  24. Just gonna add some pubes.... haha

  25. Chapter 13... Wait - this is revision? I really don’t remember this

  26. How much of revision should be learning something for the first time?

  27. How do I know all of the lyrics to the Fresh Prince theme tune but I can’t get this to stick in my head?

  28. “So this is the story all about how I can’t find the answers I need right now”

  29. Oooh there’s Katie from my Tuesday class, she’s so annoying

  30. I bet Katie remembers chapter 13

  31. Maybe she could be my study buddy, we could make a group

  32. Urgh no that would be awful, she’s the worst

  33. Should have made my roommate come to the library with me, then at least I wouldn't be so bored

  34. I need one of those dog training collars to zap me every time I look out the window

  35. Why haven’t they invented a way to scan knowledge into your brain yet?

  36. I need to write that down, that’s a next-level invention for me to make my billions

  37. Wow, I’m hungry - no fear, I have a packet of chips

  38. Mmm, chips = life

  39. Whoops - it is impossible to eat chips quietly, why did I bring the loudest snack?

  40. I can see you glaring at me Carl from apartment 52 - you have NO chill. I’m hungry, deal with it

  41. I know you’re seeing Amy and Jessica at the same time Carl, I could end you, Carl

  42. I’m still hungry, I did NOT bring enough food

  43. I need to copy this page, how do I do that?

  44. 10¢ A SHEET?! We have to pay to print?! Where do my college fees go?

  45. I’ll just get a pic on my iPhone thank you very much - FOR NOTHING

  46. There is a hot guy at the printer though

  47. Is he hot? I think he might be?

  48. Or am I just deprived of human contact?



  51. Aaaand that’s why I’m single

  52. I wish Carl would stop talking so loudly, I can’t concentrate - I feel a bit bad about the chips thang now

  53. Come oooon, I got this! I just need to get my head down and smash these finals

  54. I’ve SO got this! I am a QUEEN! I am going to SLAY this!

  55. If I could go back in time and ask some Italians about art, that would really help, though

  56. What’s the point anyway, I probably won’t even use my college degree

  57. Am I going to search on job sites and see “Art historian wanted”? Get real

  58. My whole life is a sham, my future is doomed

  59. I should just start a blog and get paid to wear nice clothes and stuff

  60. But, only two more weeks in finals hell and then it’s freeeeedom

  61. I should go somewhere with The Squad over summer

  62. Yes! Full moon parties in Thailand or inter-railing round Europe!

  63. Wow, flights are expensive

  64. How does anyone afford to travel when they’re studying?!

  65. Is selling my kidney a legit option for holiday money?

  66. Probably shouldn’t Google ‘black market organs’ on school property

  67. You know what? I have actually got loads done today

  68. Plus, it’s getting dark now. You can’t be at the library after dark, that’s just hella depressing

  69. I’ll come back tomorrow with both roommates, they’ll keep me focused for sure

  70. See you later library, you douchebag

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