What to wear down to the kitchen for Thanksgiving dinner

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Thanksgiving is weird. You get all dressed up and look nice...only to walk right downstairs to the kitchen, and then you immediately change into sweats after you eat (gotta give the food baby some room!). But, that doesn't mean you don't have to look cute while you eat! With the help of American Apparel (which, by the way, is boosting to 40% off with UNiDAYS right now!!!), we've come up with some cute outfit inspo that will make your walk from your bedroom to your kitchen feel like the red carpet.

Sporty and structured

An image We loooove the letterman jacket style right now, which is why we're all over this one from American Apparel. Pair it with a nice black tee and some wide-legged twill pants, and you've got yourself a casual yet polished look that even great Aunt Edna can't complain about!

Simple and appropriate

An image Obviously American Apparel's selection of sweaters is second-to-none, so we recommend picking one up, like this fisherman's pullover, and pairing it with a statement skirt like this corduroy zip skirt. It's super trendy, and will take 2 seconds to put together!

Bold and bright

An image If you feel like doing something bold, may we recommend a yellow raincoat like this gem from American Apparel? Wear it over a casual dress and some high socks, and you'll not only be comfy, but you'll look like a real ~influencer.~

Back to basics

An image What we love most about American Apparel is the incredible amount of basic statement pieces and staple pieces that they sell. We love this denim dress, and think it could stand alone or be dressed up with black tights. This is an outfit that you wouldn't actually have to change out of when the food baby hits, which is a major bonus!

Back to basics...again!

An image I think Thanksgiving can be a perfect time to go all out (see yellow raincoat above), or it can be a perfect time to play it safe and look like a chic and effortless American Apparel model. If you're like me and you have some older relatives who don't love the mini-skirt thing, then incorporate some black jeans into the outfit! And, to keep it stylish, add a cute bodysuit underneath, like this off-the-shoulder tan one, and keep it simple! Note: food baby will likely show through bodysuit!

Overall, a great night

An image Overall skirts are one of the coolest things, and TBH we think American Apparel does them best. Why not take a nice autumnal overall skirt and pair it with a neutral turtleneck? This is an outfit that NO modest relative can be mad at, and is an outfit you'll def wear again! Win-win!

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