The one with the Friendsgiving fashion

As we draw nearer to Thanksgiving, you may find yourself wondering whether or not you should go home for the holidays. Maybe you’ve had your trip home booked for months or maybe you’re now scrambling to find a way to make campus feel like home. Whatever your plans, Friendsgiving is a great way to get together with your new (or old friends) and stuff your faces. Elevate your get together by putting the FRIENDS in Friendsgiving and dressing to impress with a little help from Modcloth.

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The One With Rachel

Make people 98% happy and 2% jealous when you show up in the Classroom Charisma Sweater. Although you may not be able to contribute to the meal with a dessert (beware the trifle) you can contribute to the atmosphere with your amazing style. Finish off the look with with a pair of medium wash skinny jeans and suede booties to be so pretty people will want to cry.

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The One With Ross

The Compania Fantastica Dino, Right? Shift Dress is the perfect way to show that you can’t get enough dinosaurs. Chic pointed mary janes will demonstrate that you’re fine with whatever comes your way. If you’re like Bea and you drink tea, these glimmer earrings will make everyone want to come and dance with you. If anything, this outfit will take away the sting if someone eats the only good thing in your life.

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The One With Monica

Nothing says you’re always the hostess like a great pair of dark denim. Wear them with a crisp white button down to keep your thunder from being stolen. A pair of booties with zipper detailing will have you looking like a seven. By having a sleek and put-together outfit, it’ll be much easier to tell people to get out and stop annoying you when you’re trying to finish off dinner.

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The One With Chandler

If Chandler was able to put aside his dislike of Thanksgiving for Friendsgiving, you should too. The Pepaloves Duck and Discover Intarsia Sweater will show that you’re the duck in your chick-and-duck relationship. Forest-green skinnies are a way to tell everyone that you’re not blah, you’re a hoot. While a pair of oxfords will look like you’re great advice, you can actually just interest people in sarcastic comments as you sit back with your funyuns and wait for the meal to be served.

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The One With Phoebe

You may not have a plan (or even a pla) about what to bring to Friendsgiving but at least you can look good doing it. A quirky squirrel sweatshirt will take attention away from the fact you wanted mashed potatoes with peas and onions. Style them with teal tuxedo skinnies to show that you wish you could help but you just don’t want to. No one will wonder what people are feeding you with these uber cute (but non-smelly) cat shoes.

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The One With Joey

A great pair of leggings will have you showing that turkey who’s boss because a Friendsgiving without a turkey is like a Friday without two pizzas. A cozy knit top will have you asking “How you doin” every time you see yourself in the mirror. A pair of black Keds will keep your comfort level from being a “moo” point (even if you get a case of the meat sweats).

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No one will be able to ruin your “Cranberry Day” (although you better keep an eye on any leftover moist-makers) when you spend it with friends. Complex carbs don’t have to be an enemy if you look great eating them. In the end, you can be very thankful that people’s Thanksgivings sucked so long as you get to share with the people that will be there for you.

Source: Monica Dancing

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