What’s Your Self-Care Routine

Announcment 📣 self-care is important!

Self-care is a necessity and sometimes it can be placed on the back burner because of the demands of family, friends, work, goals, and just life in general. I always tell myself, "if I don't make myself happy then how can I bring happiness to others?" Sometimes self-care can be confused with being selfish and I don't believe that's the case. Selfishness is putting your wants and needs of yourself above others. And self-care is all about the soul, mind, body, and spirit. I believe that self-care cures selfishness because when we care for ourselves we encounter peace and happiness that we can't help but want others to feel, so then we share.

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When I think of self care I think of my negatives and my positives. What brings out the happiness in me? What brings out the negativity in me? What connects to my soul? What gives me energy? What makes me laugh? What makes me dream? One of my favorite self-care tips of all time is mindfulness, music, and books! If I was stuck somewhere for a long time and I had to find a way to pass time mindfulness practices like praying are some things I would do. Music makes me think, dream, write, and imagine. And books brings me comfort and excitement because it's like going on a trip!

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Some days you might not enjoy any of your favorite pick-me-ups and I find that, from my personal experiences, is that it's something deeper than just being stressed or moody. I try to redirect my thinking, but not in a way that I dismiss my feelings that's making me feel down, but I like to dig down into the root of my emotions. Usually, it takes some honesty and being honest with yourself can open up a tunnel of emotions and will be a great start to your healing process. If you're not honest with yourself then you will remain that grey person. If you can't be honest with yourself, then it's time for some mindfulness and soul searching, because nobody on this earth understands you more than yourself. I find that when I open myself up more that I’m able to locate why I'm feeling sad, hurt, angry, or any other emotion that is a negative reflection of my usual positive self. I then can find a resolution and while you're doing that enjoy a good meal or have a snack nearby because you're going to need it after such a draining soul session.

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