Sage, Good Vibes and Manifestation…

As a pretty adaptable kind of gal I have always been open to many different things throughout my life

Some of these things, I have come across and fell so deeply in love with them that they became sort of an obsession. Sage, good vibes and manifestation, for instance are definitely a few of those things that I clung to.

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Have you ever been around someone in which you believe you can literally feel their energy? It’s as if they have this cloud around them and slowly moving with them everywhere they go. Right hand to the man, I swear to you I can. Truth be told none of us believe that the world is immediately going to start sending you what you constantly think about but isn’t it true that the more you think of something the more you begin to see it or hear about it? Well, that right there is a little thing I like to call manifestation. Our thoughts are constantly flowing and if we begin to think more positively, we not only begin to feel better, but the negative thoughts suddenly seem to slowly fade. Manifesting your own happiness is a real thing and if you’re still not convinced try changing your outlook today and see what happens, your mind is a powerful thing.

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Stay with me now and picture somewhere that you feel the most at peace (you’re in your bed aren’t you) now take a deep breath and stay there for a minute. You there yet? Take it all in and imagine feeling weightless and surrounded by positive energy. That peaceful state of mind is one of the many things that sage does for you. They say the benefits of burning sage in your home are phenomenal and if you are more of a natural type you will not want to pass this up. Honestly, at first the smell can be a bit overwhelming, but I guarantee you that once you try it you will actually look forward to the smell. But enough of my love for it: get to your closest wellness store, pick up some sage, open your blinds and get to sage-ing. Personally, I prefer to tune in to some deep meditation music or chakra cleansing while burning my sage, but anything works. The positive energy afterward and throughout the day just seems to change but don't just take it from me, try it!

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Now what better way to appeal to our society than the whole good vibes craze impacting our generation? So what does good vibes actually mean? Good vibes is not just about positivity within yourself but everything surrounding your entire life as a whole. Nobody wants to be surrounded by a person with a bad attitude or that constantly talks about how much the world is against them because unintentionally these people seem to rub off on us and before you know it, you’re thinking about all the negativity in your life as well. Now you’re sitting there stumped and wondering how the hell you got there. Make it a point to stay away from those people and instead do yourself a favor and surround yourself with people on the same level as you, in fact shoot to be around those that make you want better for yourself. The good energy, good vibes, and manifestation will just find you darling.

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