What is "music excellence": What does that mean in today's world?

Being a millennial, I would like to think of myself as a happy medium (not too old, not too young, just right!) and I find myself floating between two musical worlds frequently. From reminiscing and enjoying the lovable and carefree music of the 70s to the artists that ooze coolness from the 80s and 90s yet had substance in their lyrics and told a story. Whether it was Notorious B.I.G., Sean Paul or Red Hot Chili Peppers, we had an excess of impressive music to choose from and even as a child I loved every bit of it.

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However, across the top genres of popular music, the majority of today's leading songs come across as very commercial and manufactured. There's a sense of authenticity that seems to be missing. On the flip side, we DO have great artists that still understand the importance of being a performer (i.e., Beyonce and Bruno Mars) but there's an entirely new subset of celebrities like Lil Pump or 6ix9ine that have been very vocal about just wanting to have fun. With 6ix9ine he's been heard saying in an interview that he does not take it too seriously and still somehow makes hits. To be fair, it's pretty hard to argue that "fun logic" and if you're a fan of bass, danceable beats and having a go-to playlist when you're getting ready for a night out then you'll be alright with their minimalistic lyrics. Trust me, I have plenty of guilty pleasures that fit this criterion and I'm not sure if it’s because I'm a lover of all music or because I'm a Gemini but I do find myself wondering "How did we get here?”. How did we go from Tupac to Lil Xan? It's all about what the consumer wants right?

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The problem with this is that with changes in society, the music will also change and that has been happening since before I was born. When I was in middle and high school we had songs from artists that I'm sure the older generation would call garbage but we loved all the same. As we get older, we have to understand that the mindset of the youth will vary and as a 20-something all we can do is readjust our expectations when it comes to certain artists. The term "Music Excellence" is purely subjective and it's up to YOU and your outlook. One has to be flexible especially if you're a fan of hip-hop and rap and realize that what we get from Kendrick Lamar in terms of lyricism will not be the same as what we get from Sheck Wes but they both play an integral part in the music industry. We all listen to different music depending on our mood, event, or even the time of day. Whether you're a fan of pop, punk, rock, or rap, appreciate the music for what it is (old and new) and move on if you're not a fan. When you look deep enough there's truly greatness in all.

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