We asked for the best advice your dad has given you, and your responses are so wholesome

Happy Father's Day to everyone looking for some fatherly wisdom

It's Father's Day, and we all know that dads (and father figures) give the best advice...so we wanted to compile all of that advice into one wholesome, motivational blog post.

So, without further ado, here's some dad advice that you can reference whenever you need it!

The motivational

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"Your name is your brand. Represent it well."

"Pressure can bust a pipe and it can make diamonds. So are you going to be a pipe or a diamond?"

"Work harder than everyone else."

"Anything is possible if you put your mind to it."

"Even if you think you can't, always give everything your all."

"The one that gets up after they fell is a lot stronger than the one that never fell."

"Believe in yourself even when the world is telling you not to."

"The longer you stay down, the harder it is to get back up. So don't waste time getting right back up again."

The wise

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"All you will ever need is common sense."

"Work smarter, not harder."

"If you don't have respect for yourself, nobody will respect you."

"If it doesn't work out, leave it and move on."

"You're a grape. If someone calls you a banana, are you a banana? No, you're still a grape."

"Always be prepared. Have a plan B though Z ready because you never know what's ahead!"

"Never stop learning."

"The answer is no until you ask."

"Keep your eyes on the stars, but feet on the ground."

"Travel because you can make your money back, but time waits for no one."

"Don't let others change you. You have to be aware enough to change yourself."

"Don't worry about others, just remember to focus on yourself."

The sweet

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"Kindness means happiness."

"You believed in the Tooth Fairy for 10 years, you can believe in yourself for 10 minutes."

"Nothing is relevant unless you're happy."

"Do only what makes you happy."

The funny

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"School first before boys...unless that boy is rich."

"(When backing up the car) You'll know if you hit something when you hear it."

"Don't do anything your mother wouldn't be proud of."

The handy

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"To save money, get a bowl at Chipotle, and get both kinds of rice + beans. You get more food."

"Know your surroundings. If you're at a party, find every exit you can."

"If they don't leave a voice mail, it's not important."

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