Valentine's Day date ideas you can actually afford

Help me I’m poor

Are you rich with love, but poor with money? Do you want to give your valentine a special Valentine’s Day without spending all of the $32 you have in your bank account? Fear not. I’ve compiled a list of some cheap and romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas.

1. Movie night

Hit up a streaming service to bring the movies to you. Stay snuggled up together, eat some candy (it’s a rule), and have an inexpensive, yet very romantic, evening.

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2. Just desserts

If you want to go somewhere but don’t want to spend a lot of money, why not go out for milkshakes, or split a piece of cheesecake? In my opinion, dessert is a very important part of Valentine’s Day, so going somewhere just for that will only cost a few dollars (especially if you split the bill).

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3. Make some food together

Make dinner for the two of you, or even just bake dessert. It’s a lot of fun to cook or bake with someone special, and it will save you from having to pay for a restaurant or takeout...or having to put on real pants and go outside.

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4. A DIY paint night

...or wine and paint night! It’s way cheaper to pick up the supplies to make your own wine and paint night than it is to actually go to one. Plus, you’ll get more quality bonding time together! It doesn’t matter if neither of you are artists, that may even make it more fun!

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5. Play the penny game

You don’t have to actually go somewhere, but if you want to take a nice romantic drive, a fun way to make it an adventure is by playing the penny game. Basically, at every turn, flip a penny. Heads, you go left, tails, you go right. See where it takes you! But drive safely!

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6. Make a photo album together

It’s so much fun to go through old pictures and see how awkward you used to be. Spend the night going through all the pictures of you chronologically and making a photo album, either printed out or online. It’ll give you something to look at in the future, and it’ll be a lot of fun that night!

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